The British tourist, 23 years old, is killed in a fight with other tourists in the holiday village of Ibiza

It is understood that he was in a hotel called Hotel Bergantin in the city.

A 23-year-old Briton died during a fight in the Ibiza resort of San Antonio.

The victim has been named locally as Conor Lee. It is believed that he was in a hotel called Hotel Bergantin in the city.

It is said that he died after an altercation that involved a group of other Britons on the waterfront at 3.30 today.

It is understood that he was in a hotel called Hotel Bergantin in the city.

It is understood that he was in a hotel called Hotel Bergantin in the city.

Police sources said that the witnesses told them that the dead man was alone when he died, and that they had started to insult the group with which he got involved in a fight before the violence broke out.

One said: "The incident happened on the main seafront of San Antonio, near a hotel called Ses Savines.

"Witnesses have told the officers that the man who died began to attack a group of five men and two women for reasons that are still under investigation.

"The witnesses say that the altercation became physical after exchanging the initial insults.

& # 39; The British man was pronounced dead at the scene. An autopsy will determine if he was killed by a blow or when his head hit the ground.

Another added: "No arrests have yet been made and the group of men and women has not yet been identified.

It means that your nationality has not yet been determined with certainty & # 39;

The three-star hotel Bergantin, where the dead man was staying, said this morning that he was not in a position to comment.

The hotel is located in the bay of San Antonio, on the beach, just over a mile from downtown San Antonio.

Sources of the Civil Guard confirmed that the victim was British and was 23 years old.

No arrests have taken place. An autopsy will now determine if he died as a direct result of the beating he received or if other factors played a role in his death.

Last month, a 22-year-old Briton died after collapsing on San Antonio Street and being transferred to a health center.

He was later named as Jack McDonnell, from the commercial town of Salford West Midlands.

Two days before his death on July 20, a 21-year-old British seasonal worker named Harry Kingsland, born in Birmingham, died in an altercation on a floor of the complex.

The man suspected of taking the blow related to his death – Mitchell Loveridge, also of 21 years old and of Llwynypia in Rhondda, Wales, was arrested after trying to escape from the scene by jumping out the window of the second floor apartment.

He was remanded in custody after appearing in court.

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