The bootylicious of Chloe Ferry makes angry fans get excited with & # 039; the images that seek attention & # 039;


After the baby rejected her comments on her selfie, when they reactivated she was hit with thousands of concerned fans telling her that she had gone too far with her surgery.

Although it seems that the star of Geordie Shore has not yet postponed when publishing his almost nudist snapshots after adding an additional selfie that subtitles the photo: "Looking for a f ** k to give".

Now, she added another image to the mix, with an additional photo without subtitles, where the bottom of her bikini rides up, allowing her to show her naked butt.

And the 22-year-old made sure not to hide anything, while throwing her hair to one side, preventing her from blocking her peach.

As she would have expected, Chloe's diet was quickly filled with comments from fans and "thugs".

Despite her clicks of yesterday bringing a group of fans worried about the possibility that she has gone too far, it seems that people have already had enough of their belfies.

While the comments flooded in telling Chloe how amazing it looked, they were overtaken by people telling him he had to stop, with a user who writes: "It's a little embarrassing now … for you, not for me" .

Another agitated user added: "Wow, the images are getting silly now, tired of the search for attention".


ANGRY FANS: Chloe angered her fans with another snap of booty


HATERS: Chloe has been sending constant messages to her enemies

With the comments of others about his clicking on his "false booty", with a moan: "It's false, it's trying to get attention."

As expected, Chloe had an army of admirers preparing to back her against the trolls, and people told her to do whatever she wanted with her own body.

Despite the influx of negative comments that affected Chloe, the film reached a whopping 50 thousand "likes" in just one hour, and her other photos of booty reached about 200 thousand on average.

Chloe shared a video with her 2.9 million followers yesterday telling the trolls to leave her alone, and expressing how little she cares.


BARES-ALL: Chloe often shares almost nudist photos on her Instagram

He continued telling his followers that he had been very open about the surgery, and added: "Of course I have gone crazy", adding that he would not have the body he has without him.

Chloe has always shared her love of surgery and fillings, shortly after joining Geordie Shore, although people have since questioned whether she has gone too far.

It seems that while the blonde beauty is on vacation, she will show her booty to the left, to the right and to the center, particularly after her influx of anti-booty trolls.