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The book series Vampire Survivors is being adapted for television.


Vampire Survivors, a popular game from 2022, is in the process of being adapted into an animated TV series. According to Deadline, the show is still in the early stages of production and does not have a writer yet. Nevertheless, I am eager to see how the game’s storyline will translate into television format.

The mechanics of Vampire Survivors involve fighting off waves of monsters to level up weapons and items in order to become increasingly more powerful. There isn’t a definitive plot, although players can take inspiration from the official setting on Itch.io which follows the Belpaese family’s quest to end Bisconte Dracul√≥’s reign of terror and restore food to the table.

However, the game has evolved significantly since the Itch.io version, with the recently released Steam version featuring a new expansion. It’s possible that the TV series will take inspiration from the updated version of the game. If they need inspiration, the fans of the game have plenty of ideas. Additionally, it would be great to see James Stephanie Sterling, who has contributed some humorous writing to the game, consulted on the show’s creative direction.

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