The Birth of Topmask

Topmask was born out of circumstances that occurred in 2020. Because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the fashion industry was hit hard and abrupt, no matter if you were a huge manufacturer or a small business. Australian E-commerce store, Fashion Boundary found themselves asking, “Who’s going to need a new pair of heels or handbag during a lockdown?”. The Fashion Boundary team created Topmask Australia to provide for their customers and match the type of items they’d currently be buying.

There are so many face masks on the market, it’s hard to know which one to choose. Some people have even been getting crafty using recycled materials to make a homemade mask, while others opt for disposable masks. Most people purchase cloth face masks from pharmacies and retailers. This posed a challenge for the creators of Topmask. How was this mask going to be different for everyday mask wearers? Top masks reusable clothing face masks How to be the best choice in the market? It was important for Topmask to have a point of difference for customers to reach for their Topmask rather than the array of countless other options in the market.

Topmask is now known for its several layered means of protection featured in one mask. With 8 layers and with the use of soft, lightweight, high-quality cotton, these Australian designed cloth face masks are perfect for men and women when exercising or going about daily outdoor tasks. Each Topmask features an outer layer of black 100% cotton and an inner layer of non-woven fabric, then a fine layer of polymer. Finally, a layer of 100% soft cotton to cup the face, this layer also has an accessible sleeve, to fit a reusable filter. There are 2 filters provided in each Topmask package, each filter has four protective layers for optimal protection.

So if protection is what you’re after whilst still wanting to do best for the environment, Topmask is the best choice on the market. 

Many people are frustrated with wearing a mask, which is obvious by how they wear them. It’s easy to get lazy and it’s quite common to see people wear their mask incorrectly, such as just covering their chins or just their nose but not their mouths. For a face mask to be effective it must cover the nose, mouth and chin and fit comfortably. It’s essential to choose a mask that fits your face well and these reusable masks are designed in Australia and are carefully crafted with comfort in mind as they Cover the mouth and nose with the perfect amount of coverage and breathing. Each mask also features adjustable straps to ensure the best fit and comfortability for each wearer. 

Topmask Australia facemasks are washable, reusable and recyclable, they’re the choice for consumers who care about sustainability and issues such as ocean protection. Recent research has shown that disposable masks are increasingly becoming an environmental concern as they’re made up of synthetic fibres that take years to break down. Reusable masks have a lower environmental impact and are often a lot more fashionable too. 

 The mask is anti-dust, anti-smog and anti-drip. Fits the face with an elastic band on the outer edges. Under the chin, along the nose and cheeks, protect the sides, bottom and bottom. The cotton fabric is comfortable to wear in contact with the face and mouth.

Wearing a mask every day can sometimes be uncomfortable so Topmask came up with the perfect design so you can feel safe as well as stylish. Topmask currently stock ink-black 100% cotton face masks with an exposed coloured seam and coloured adjustable elasticated straps in yellow, grey, pink and black. The coloured seams and straps add a pop of colour and a uniqueness to the design. Also, these masks are perfect for households who all want minimal design and still be able to tell them apart. Topmask masks are designed for people with everyday tasks who may be wearing a mask all day long, such as those in offices or who work in recently-opened retail stores. The design is minimal, protective and professional and designed to be easy to style with your current wardrobe. 


The Topmask packaging and branding imagery was directly inspired by the René Magritte painting, The Lovers (Belgian, 1898–1967) 1928. Oil on canvas. This painting portrays a close embrace between two lovers yet their faces are covered by a barrier of fabric, changing an act of passion into one of isolation. This image is incredibly timely to the current environment as now, as a collective we are experiencing a constant barrier of fabric covering our mouth which has become our normal, making it hard to express emotion and communicate to others. One can also see the colouring of the painting reflects the Topmask branding which uses grey, red and deep purple tones across the packaging and website design. The peculiar oval shapes featured on the packaging design and Topmask website were inspired by the outline of the figures in The Lovers further expressing the work of art throughout the brand.

It’s important to also know how best to care for your Topmask to keep it looking and feeling fresh for longer. The brand suggests replacing the filter after 1 week of use or if it is visibly soiled. It’s also important to wash your hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you put on and take off your Topmask. If not in use, store your clean top mask during a clean, dry place.

As the latest accessory is facemasks whether we like it or not, it’s essential that people decide to wear ones that fit well and protect those around you. If you’re unsure which mask to go for, choose Topmask Australia. Show your loved ones you love them by following the coronavirus safety guidelines and wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands regularly and sanitise, sanitise, sanitise!