The best Xbox One games 2018: 29 must-play titles

<pre><pre>The best Xbox One games 2018: 29 must-play titles

There is no fear and disgust in Los Santos – just explosive entertainment

Yes, including one of the best games of the latest generation among the best of this generation is pretty boring, but GTA V on Xbox One is too good to ignore, with HD images, a longer pitch and faster frame rate.

Among other things more practical advantages is a first-person mode, which really makes this feel like a different game, although the missions, tools and characters are the same. The new perspective pushes Rockstar's attention to details to the fore so that you can better appreciate the abundant amount of in-jokes and ambient details.

GTA V & # 39; s open world multiplayer remains a relaxed sensation, whether you're stunt diving with friends or working together to complete a Heist (a long-awaited addition to MP, but worth the wait) – it's probably the best place around to hang on Xbox Live.