The Best Wearable Technologies of the Modern World

Ever since the world began, technology isn’t stopping itself from rapidly evolving. And the pace is blurring. A highly advanced piece of technology today can quickly become outdated in a few months, weeks, or even days. This is the reason why most people always have their sights on the market. After a release is made, chances are the next best thing will arrive sooner than later. 

The rapid pacing of technology isn’t exclusively for large-sized machines. Believe it or not, technology has become so advanced that a person can even wear one. Most of the time, these wearable techs often have significant benefits to those wearing them. It can be for health, a locator, used for work, or it can even be for entertainment. One thing is for sure, though; every piece of tech we wear has some vital function to it.

Even if some of the machines or tech on this list are old, we still included them because of the immense benefits they give. It’s also worth noting that these “old tech” are always being improved. Without further ado, here are some of the best wearable technologies of the modern world:

Oculus Rift

When it comes to entertainment, wearables are numerous. One of the best one right now is the Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift is a fully immersive VR or Virtual Reality system. The system often works with a pc or a console to deliver an immersive gaming experience for its user. 

The Oculus Rift has a headgear that thoroughly covers the upper portion of the head. It also has two controllers that users can attach to their wrists or hands. The system also comes with two sensors that look like a floor lamp. 


When it comes to age, pacemakers(aside from watches) are probably the oldest in this list. Pacemakers are devices that people use to help stimulate their heart muscles. These devices also regulate heart contractions. 

In the past, traditional pacemakers are often the size of a large coin. Now, these pacemakers are the size of small capsules. They even have unbelievable features that make monitoring a bit easier. For example, modern pacemakers have Bluetooth capabilities that can quickly transfer data to a computer. 

The drawback for pacemakers is that people who them on should avoid prolonged contact with electronic devices that have strong magnetic fields. These devices are mobile phones, microwave ovens, welding machines, generators, etc. In the future, doctors and scientists are working hard to create a pacemaker that can withstand the magnetic fields from these devices. 


When it comes to wearables, watches are the ultimate devices that have tons of technological advances. These watches aren’t just for style anymore. They provide tons of features that most people will like. For example, a lot of high-tech watches today have built-in biosensors that can monitor heart rate, work done, and even the calories you burn while exercising. 

Some watches also function as a task reminder, where you can input tasks and put alarms to remind you later on. Although the science and tech are part of these watches, the style and looks definitely aren’t lost. The Omega Speedmaster is just one of those watches full of features while maintaining that impressive look.

Personal Emergency Alarms

If you’re going to a place you’re unfamiliar with and you don’t feel safe, wearing personal emergency alarms might be for you. In the past, these devices would play a loud noise that attracts attention. With the advances made to it, some personal alarms have trackers on them that can make finding you much easier. 


When it comes to body-mounted cameras, GoPro is the brand you’ll likely remember. The company has an extensive lineup to choose from, which will surely please anyone who uses them. Small, lightweight, and extremely powerful, these action cams can capture fast-moving objects in high definition. 

Advanced versions such as the HERO4 have Protune and Superview that add a cinema-like quality to your captured videos. The HERO4 also has slow-motion capture capabilities for fast-moving objects or events. Most models also have Night modes that easily capture videos and images during night time. 


Wearable tech might sound futuristic, but it’s here, and a lot of people love it. From mounted cameras and awesome watches to lifesaving pacemakers and a fully immersive virtual reality experience, we’ve come a long way when it comes to these kinds of technology.