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The best virtual farmer in the world explains why Farming Simulator works as an e-sport – WhatsNew2Day


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The best virtual farmer in the world explains esports in farming simulator

Why do you actually drive virtual tractors and how do you earn money with them? How do you get a game like farming simulator? And what the hell is a stacker? MeinMMO editor-in-chief Leya Jankwoski and the reigning world champion in the farming simulator, Jendrik Kluge, talk about this in the live talk from CAGGTUS 2023.

It might sound weird now, but yes, farming simulator actually has an e-sports scene. It may not be as big as in League of Legends, Counter-Strike or DOTA 2, but it still has quite a few fans and there is even decent prize money.

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Two teams compete against each other in a race against time, threshing grain, baling straw and storing it in a barn – all for points. They can also be nasty, hindering their opponents or banning their favorite vehicles.

Jendrik Kluge is the current farming simulator world champion and has been playing enthusiastically and with passion since the first part of the series. In the talk he explains how such a tournament works, what the tasks of the players are, how balancing works in something like this and why you consciously put the stress of e-sports in a game that everyone else plays to relax.

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