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The best video games of 2024 so far

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The best video games of 2024 so far

helldivers 2

Channeling the sci-fi military satire and grim, extreme gore of Starship Troopers, Helldivers 2 was a surprise mega hit upon its release in February. Looking back, we shouldn’t have been surprised: it offers engaging and fun cooperative action across a variety of desolate landscapes against hideous insects and crazed robots, and makes each fight feel like part of a much larger story, a factor accentuated by Excellent use of Arrowhead Game Studios social media channels.

What we said: “Everything about this game is ridiculous, including how good it is at what it sets out to do.” Read the full review

animal pit

Ethereal delight… Animal Well. Photography: Shared memory

The setup is not very promising: you play as a mass, trapped in a pit. But this twisty puzzle-platformer is an ethereal, atmospheric delight, with visuals that look like a lost 80s arcade game glimpsed through a window. You explore, learn new skills, see charming creatures. It is an extraordinary experience.

What we said: “At a time when large video game companies are focused on creating video games designed to function as a sport, what a joy to be presented with such a complex and contained game.” Read the full review

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Expert warrior… Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. Photography: Ubisoft

Representing a glorious return to the origins of Ubisoft’s defining adventure series, The Lost Crown abandons modern 3D world exploration in favor of precise 2D platforming. You play as the skilled warrior Sargon who sets out to rescue the kidnapped Prince Ghassan, explore labyrinthine fortresses, and master the jumps and dodges required to defeat dangerous boss battles. A new classic of the “metroidvania” genre.

What we said: “It’s been 13 years since the last all-new Prince of Persia game; If this is his new direction, it’s exciting to see where he will land.” Read the full review

Dragon Dogma 2

Capcom’s gargantuan role-playing adventure sounds like standard fare for the genre: a young hero discovers he is destined to rule the kingdom, but first he must slay a powerful dragon. However, this strange, sometimes wacky game manages to be interesting and fun, full of strange characters and an idiosyncratic story. Like starring in your own ’80s fantasy movie, straight to video.

What we said: “If I could sum this game up in a few words, it would be more fun than functional. What you have to understand is that Dragon’s Dogma 2 is very dumb.” Read the full review

crow country

Horror ride… Raven Country. Photography: SFB Games

Something evil lurks in an abandoned theme park in rural Atlanta, Georgia, and young explorer Mara Forest is determined to find out what it is. Thus begins this spooky survival horror adventure that is inspired by genre classics from the mid-90s, such as Resident Evil and Survival Hill. If this is what the resurgence of the PlayStation 1 will be like, we are here for it.

What we said: “Crow Country is much more than a pastiche of the giants of the PS1 era: it is a true triumph in itself.” Read the full review

Lorelei and laser eyes

A woman arrives at an abandoned hotel and becomes embroiled in a strange, time-spanning mystery involving art, film, and possibly murder. Every room is a puzzle box, every object is part of an interlocking mystery that will take players hours to unravel. A cerebral and elegant delight.

What we said: “A fascinating puzzle game, which uses its eerie visuals and elusive story as an intrinsic element of the experience rather than a mere design affectation.” Read the full review

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The Senua Saga: Hellblade 2

Cinematic… The Senua Saga: Hellblade II. Photography: Xbox Game Studios

Troubled warrior Senua returns from her Bafta-winning debut to take players on another dark and grueling journey into Viking lore, this time wandering the frightening, frozen plains of ancient Iceland. An extraordinarily cinematic meditation on torment and determination.

What we said: “Hellblade II deserves to be appreciated. Who knows how many more cerebral epics this risk-averse industry will produce.” Read the full review


Interesting card game… Balatro. Photography: LocalThunk/Playstack

Sometimes savvy indie developers take two or three classic game ideas and combine them into something amazing. Balatro is one such example, a combination of poker, solitaire, and a rogue-like deck-building game, in which the cards in your hands can be gradually upgraded with a variety of special powers. Relentless, frustrating but so compelling, is what would have happened if Generation Z had invented Texas Hold’em.

What we said: “It’s poker, but a little mind-blowing. And you are supposed to break the rules.” Read the full review

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Indeed, Square Enix’s planned Empire Strikes Back trilogy revamping Final Fantasy VII, Rebirth has eco-hero Cloud recovering from a climactic battle with the evil Shinra corporation and setting out to defeat his evil enemy Sephiroth. Richly detailed with compelling character arcs and excellent strategic combat, it’s a delightful reminder of the golden era of the role-playing game genre.

What we said: “Longtime fans will greedily slurp up every morsel of sugary fan service here, savoring every extra moment spent with this beloved cast.” Read the full review

Tekken 8

Movements that make the monitor shake… Tekken 8. Photography: Bandai Namco Entertainment

It’s a resurgent era for fighting games with Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat 1 flexing their intimidating muscles, but Tekken 8 is the toughest kid in the school. With a roster of beautifully designed characters, some truly monitor-shaking moves, and a variety of innovative fighting systems, he truly builds on his PlayStation 1 ancestors. A pulverizing champion.

What we said: “It’s familiar and new, eccentric and intuitive, and it does what all great fighting games do: it makes you feel amazing as you perform a series of elusive moves to an almost balletic effect.” Read the full review

Honorable mentions

Hauntii, Sea of ​​Thieves (PS5 Edition), Botany Manor, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Supermarket Times.

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