The best unlimited data plans in the US at the moment

<pre><pre>The best unlimited data plans in the US at the moment

Finding the best unlimited data plan costs a lot of work, because every American airline seems to offer something different. In 2018 there are many small variations that are not always easy to recognize when you shop or compare unlimited plans.

AT & T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and others are ready to sell you on unlimited data plans. It can be dizzying because we just spent a long time trying to find out which providers are really offering the best prices and features in their unlimited data plan.

From a large number of small MVNO carriers to the four major mobile networks, we have sorted all unlimited data plans in the US in 2018. The best unlimited data plans combine limitless data with all the talking and texting & about which you could dream about month. But from there it only gets better: the best unlimited data subscriptions do not limit all functions such as HD video streaming, use of Wi-Fi hotspot or the actual amount of high-speed 4G LTE and 3G data that you can use.

We want to save you the trouble to find out what a courier actually offers. We know how nice it is to print all the small print on the eyes.

So after searching all unlimited data subscriptions, we have limited the results by disabling carriers that slow down your data rates at any given time. This means that only carriers that rely on throttling to tackle network congestion have achieved it. Everything else fails to fit our definition of the word "unlimited".

We have also only focused on the basic layer of unlimited data plans for individual customers: no family plans that make it seem like a courier has a good deal, while in fact you need three other people to sign up with you; only the lowest cost plan with unlimited data, speech and text. This means deals on phones and the value of extra benefits such as free Netflix or HBO are not included in the rankings.

Now that we have clarified how we have chosen, we immediately go to the rankings.

Best value for unlimited plans:

Best deal: MetroPCS unlimited subscription for $ 50 (works on T-Mobile network)

MetroPCS currently offers the best unlimited unlimited subscription to the market. For mobile phone users who want to pay as little as possible while collecting as much data as possible, MetroPCS is the right provider.

MetroPCS runs on the powerful network of T-Mobile (although in our experience sometimes smudged in the countryside). And it's unlimited plan costs $ 50 with all taxes and fees included in that price. Users can stream as much data as they want, and make calls and text messages and to their heart's content. Some extras are music streaming that does not count for your data, calling via Wi-Fi and Scam ID.

There are some limitations to the plan. Users who use more than 35 GB of data in a month can see their speeds decrease in times of network congestion. With this MetroPCS plan, customers can not use their phones as Wi-Fi hotspots. Nevertheless, the plan remains very competitive, with a soft data cap much higher than many of its equally expensive and even more expensive competitors.

Alternative choice: Boost Mobile Unlimited Gigs subscription for $ 50 (works on Sprint network)

Boost Mobile's Unlimited Gigs plan is strikingly close to MetroPCS's offer. Some customers get more out of Boost Mobile's plan if they regularly need to get data to other devices or if they find the wireless Sprint network more reliable.

For $ 50 (all taxes and fees included in that price), Boost mobile customers receive unlimited voice, text and data. Boost Mobile has a soft cap for data on this 23 GB plan, and it will slow down customers who use more than that when the network is overloaded. It also limits the quality of video streaming up to 480p +.

As with our top choice, Boost Mobile allows unlimited music streaming from its popular streaming partners, such as Spotify and Pandora, with none of those data that count towards users' data caps. Although Boost Mobile has a stricter limit on high-speed data, it is also possible to use a maximum of 8 GB of use of the Wi-Fi Hotspot every period.

Other contenders in this category:

Top of the Big 4:

3. Best offer: T-Mobile ONE subscription for $ 70

At first glance, T-Mobile ONE's plan does not look like it's the best deal, but we've taken everything into account and it's added up. A big advantage of T-Mobile is that the monthly fee of $ 70 is exact: all taxes and surcharges are already included. Sprint's plan seems cheaper at first, but the plan has some more limits that prevent us from recommending it via T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has the highest soft data cap of all four major providers. It will not start prioritizing the data rates of T-Mobile ONE until after they have used 50 GB. That means that customers who really intend to get their unlimited amount of money will get more kilometers from T-Mobile. A limitation is that video streaming is limited to DVD quality.

There are also additional benefits. Tethering is allowed up to 3G speeds. Customers can use their phone during their journeys in Canada and Mexico with unlimited voice traffic and SMS messages and 5 GB 4G LTE data, plus some usability in more than 140 other countries. In addition, T-Mobile is introducing a free Netflix subscription that has not even been considered.

(Image: © Sprint)

4. Alternative choice: Sprint unlimited Freedom Plan for $ 60

Of the four major carriers, Sprint offers the lowest base price for its unlimited data plan. The unrestricted freedom plan is only $ 60, but taxes and taxes are added to that. The big reason Sprint failed from T-Mobile in our ranking is that the Unlimited Freedom plan has a much lower softcap of 23 GB compared to the 50 GB cap of T-Mobile.

Sprint does make a few for its smaller data limit, but the way customers can use their data. Sprint enables streaming in Full HD (1080p), which is a big step forward in the DVD quality to which T-Mobile, Verizon and AT & T limit streaming. Sprint also allows 10 GB Wi-Fi hotspot usage (although more than 10 GB automatically buys 10 GB for $ 10). Of course, if you can use all the data, it is easier to hit the 23 GB soft-cap and prevent the prioritization of risk data.

The additional benefits of Sprint's Unlimited Freedom plan are global roaming and a free Hulu subscription.

Basic plan: Verizon GoUnlimited subscription for $ 75

The basic unlimited data plan of Verizon is slightly more expensive than the competition, and the starting price of $ 75 for individual plans does not take into account taxes and charges. But that price comes with uncapped data, calls and texts, and 4G network coverage that is consistently higher than any other major airline.

The GoUnlimited subscription from Verizon offers DVD quality streaming and unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot usage at 600 Kbps. Customers can also use their service for data, calls and texts in Canada and Mexico.

Although this is a truly unlimited data plan, customers may experience lower data rates when the network is overloaded.

Basic plan: AT & T Unlimited & More plan for $ 70

AT & T & # 39; s base Unlimited & more data plan starts at $ 70 for a single line when automatic payment and paperless billing are enabled. Taxes and supplements are an extra price. But the costs will take you to the AT & T network, which scores high in the US and works with popular GSM phones.

That AT & T & # 39; & More & # 39; in the plan name also has meaning for customers. AT & T adds more than 30 live TV channels to the service via the WatchTV app and gives customers access to thousands of shows and movies that they can stream without ever having too little data.

The plan does not permit the use of Wi-Fi Hotspot, limits streaming to DVD quality and sees reduced data rates in times of network congestion. But customers get unlimited text messages and to 120 countries and free roaming in Canada and Mexico.