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The best oil-free fryers for quick and easy cooking

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The best oil-free fryers for quick and easy cooking

Keep hearing about The joy of air frying? Providing a faster, healthier way to cook fried foods with little or no oil, a deep fryer has become something of a kitchen staple. It works much like a convection oven to circulate hot air around the food; only it is more compact and increases time savings. Think crispy chicken, home fries, and guilt-free donuts that are not only easy to make, but also clean up easier compared to using a traditional deep fryer.

With lower heating capacity interiors and shorter preheat times, an air fryer can be a faster way to cook than your standard oven, potentially saving you money on your energy bills if used wisely. (Just make sure it’s big enough to cook what you need, otherwise you’ll be using it multiple times, which defeats its energy-saving purpose.) In multifunctional design, some air fryers come loaded with preset cooking modes for baking, roasting, dehydrating, roasting and reheating. They can effectively tackle a variety of meats, fish and vegetables, as well as sweet treats: steak and sweet potato fries, homemade apple crisps and a warm banana loaf. Here are WIRED’s top picks that fit a variety of ingredients and price points.

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April 2024 Update: We’ve included three new options, including the versatile Ultenic K10 air fryer, added information on caring for your new fryer, and asked one of Europe’s top new chefs for her air frying tips and tricks.

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