The Best of the Vape Pens for Sale in the UK!

There are quite a few options as to vape pens for sale in the UK. As such, I wanted to explain a bit more about the options you have and give some guidance on what vape pen you’d want to buy if you are looking specifically for a cannabis vape pen in the UK. 

A vape pen is very much what it says on the tin, it is a vaping device that looks like a pen. It is thin, lightweight and very easy to transport about the place with you. Perfect for anyone looking to vape more discreetly as opposed to lugging around one of those large devices that look as if you are carrying a small computer with you. 

Whilst you can get thinner pen-like vaping devices with a tank for vape juice or nicotine e liquids, vape pens are most usually associated with vaping CBD. CBD is the legal bit of cannabis that does not get you high, but has been known to be associated with many different health benefits such as relaxation and pain reduction. 

There are a few options when it comes to vape pens for sale for CBD. First and foremost, you will need to make a decision as to the sort of CBD vaper you want to be: Do you want to vape regularly throughout or are you vaping because it is the fastest way to feel the CBD and so do not want to vape too often, but when you do you want for it to be a strong hit? 

If the former, you will want to go for an e liquid containing CBD. CBD in the UK is derived from hemp so it will have “hemp extract” listed in the ingredients. CBD e liquid is exactly the same consistency and substance as any other e liquid and so requires the same sort of vaping hardware. 

If you are already a vaper you will most likely have a device you like to use, in which case you can just fill up your tank with CBD e liquid.  If you are new to vaping in general, you can find CBD e liquid vape pens for sale. However, many of these options will be disposable either once you have finished the cartridge you will throw away the whole device or just the cartridge and then you recharge the pen battery when you need to. In terms of a CBD e liquid vape pen for sale that are fully reusable in that you can regularly refill with e liquid too, as said earlier, there are tank options that are a thinner, streamlined model and that look like a thicker pen, but these aren’t technically “vape pens”. 

In the US a vape pen is usually called a marijuana or cannabis vape pen which denotes a thin pen model vaping device that is powerful enough to vape thicker oils and extracts. A cannabis vape pen in the UK, would technically be a CBD vape pen designed for vaping CBD vape oil.  CBD vape oil is a high strength alternative to a CBD e liquid as it is undiluted by any other carrier liquid (PG / VG) – it is just hemp extract and natural terpenes. This makes it perfect for those who want to vape less regularly and something stronger. It is because of the concentrated nature of the oil that you will need a more powerful device to heat it up – a vape pen. It is also because of the thickness of the oil that you are unable to refill cartridges yourself and so will have to buy new CBD vape oil cartridges each time you are finished. 

In my opinion, the best of the vape pens for sale for vaping CBD vape oil is the Paso 510 thread vape pen. They are one of the few brands that sell high strength pure extract carts and so will have designed their device knowing what works best with their oil carts. Plus, because of their variable voltage setting you can actually also vape CBD e liquids on a lower setting.