The Best Luxury RV

So, you have decided the freedom of traveling with an RV is appealing, but you don’t know exactly where to start. You do know that you don’t want to sacrifice the comfort and luxury you are used to while you are traveling.


If this describes you, then you are in the market for a luxury RV. That narrows it down some, but there are still some questions to ask when deciding what type of RV to get.

Motorhome or Pull Behind

The first question you will have to decide is whether you would prefer a motorhome, or a pull behind, trailer style RV. There are pros and cons to each.


Motorhomes are all-inclusive. This means that you don’t need a specialized vehicle to tow them, and they are easier for some people to navigate. 


The trade-off on driving? Motorhomes do not take any special skills to back up with, but they can be quite large. It is like the difference between towing a boat or driving a bus. Neither is objectively more difficult than the other, but you might have a preference.


One of the strengths of a motorhome is also its greatest weakness. Motorhomes include a cockpit and engine, so they don’t have to have another vehicle to tow them. The downside to this equation is that they cost substantially more than comparable tow behinds.


In addition to the increased cost, motorhomes require specialized mechanics, which make repairs on them cost more, and may mean you can’t easily find someone for repairs if you run into mechanical trouble on the road.


Motorhomes also tend to get very poor fuel economy. This is to be expected from a large, non-aerodynamic box on wheels, but it does bear saying. With a motorhome, you lose the flexibility of improving fuel economies as vehicle technology changes.


The final hang up for motorhomes is that if you want to park your camper at your campsite and travel anywhere by car, you will either need to disconnect your home and pack it up to roll, or you will need to tow a car as well. 


The biggest advantage of motorhomes? Size. They tend to have more pop out panels, making them much roomier, so if you have a large group or family, a motorhome may be your best bet.

Tow-Behind RVs

Tow-behinds are generally smaller and more maneuverable, once you learn how to back up. A tow-behind RV can be towed by a wide array of vehicles, from cars to vans, SUVs, or pickups. 


This means that you can change out your tow vehicle more quickly, as technology changes, while your camper that is racking up mileage has many fewer mechanical parts. Because of this, many trailer style RVs are still in use after 50+ years. This is something you do not see with motorhomes.


For most first time RV owners, it is an easy decision to start with a trailer RV. 

Luxury Features

If you are truly looking for a luxury RV, a model like the Bowlus Endless Highway may be the best way to go. 


The Endless Highway has a separate king bedroom, teak shower, and separate toilet room. There are device chargers and an on-demand battery system that lets you power your AC up to four hours, completely off-grid. There are heated floors and hand-stitched leather features.


Bowlus RVs are classic aluminum sided campers that make a statement when you arrive at the campsite, whether it is a state park or a sporting event.  In short, the Bowlus Endless Highway line is the best luxury RV you can get.