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The best laptop backpacks for work (and life)

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The best laptop backpacks for work (and life)

a backpack is the best, most efficient and most comfortable way to carry your things; There’s a reason you don’t see people hiking the Appalachian Trail with a bag. But finding the right one that works for you and your lifestyle isn’t easy. Whether you’re heading to the office or school, running to the local coffee shop, or heading out on a weekend trip, a good backpack will look good and keep your stuff organized. It’s easier on your neck and shoulders than an overstuffed purse or briefcase (and much better than trying to hold everything in your hands).

Whatever your needs, we have a functional and fitted backpack for you. We inspected backpacks for a padded, suspended laptop sleeve; durable fabrics and high-quality components; and versatile storage options. I carried them on airplanes and bicycles, while walking and walking to conferences. If I didn’t have anything I needed to carry, I would put loose weights on them and swing and drag them.

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Updated June 2024: We’ve added the Tumi Velocity Backpack, Calpak Convertible Mini Diaper Backpack, Evergoods Civic Panel Charger, and Po Campo Bedford Backpack Saddlebag, and removed some older selections. We also update links and prices.

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