The Best Iphone 6 Price South Africa Used Is Indisputably Offered By Gorilla Phones

A smartphone is a mobile phone that offers many more functions than a common phone, making it practically a pocket computer. It has various advantages, such as an operating system that allows the installation of programs that increase its possibilities, Internet connectivity, and others.

Gorilla phones are one of the largest used mobile phone distribution companies in all of South Africa, where you can find an extensive catalog of phones from the best-known manufacturers. Here you can find from old models to the most modern, with unquestionable quality and at affordable prices. One of its best prices has them for the IPhone 6 price South Africa used in R 3,000.

At Gorilla phones, all phones are pre-owned and certified and are processed through quality control practices that ensure the product is in perfect working order. Items are completely erased, factory reset, and cleaned before being sold. It offers free postage on all its units, so there are no risks, and it also has a 14-day return period in case of change of mind and 30 days in case of failure.

Gorilla phones, has the complete line of Apple iPhone, locked and unlocked completely released. The technical department staff has 20 years of experience in the area, and the attentive and professional customer service team is available to offer advice and help. All phones have a 6-month warranty and include accessories (earphones and chargers).

Know All Their Features

Gorilla phones offer you the unrivaled iphone 6 price South Africa used in R 3,000, with the following advantageous features:

  • High quality materials and components, larger 6.7 mm thick that together with rounder lines make it a pleasant phone to use, in addition to its low weight of only 128 grams. They are available in space gray, silver, gold, and rose gold. Multitouch support and Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

You can find them in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities. 12-megapixel iSight camera protected with sapphire.

  • The iphone 6 price South Africa used that Gorilla phones offer at R 3,000, has a shockproof, slightly curved screen, with a power button on the right side that makes it more accessible. With Retina Display resolution of 1,334×750 pixels and 326ppi density that allows contents to appear with good proportions and definition, but with a larger workspace.

It also has Gorilla Glass3 protection that greatly improves brightness and contrast levels and a scratch-resistant oleophobic surface. It is the best LCD screen on the market. It has a Display Zoom configuration option that allows you to enlarge the interface or add a new row of icons. Also has dual-domain pixels technology that improves viewing angles and makes them visible from different angles.

  • The optimization of iOS and hardware of the iphone 6 price South Africa used that Gorilla phones have for you at R 3,000 is very good and opens possibilities to third-party applications. One of the very useful features of iOS8 is being able to interact with notifications quickly.

Latest News; Gorilla phones are the best place to search for any of your favorites from the Apple iPhone line.