The best Google Home, Google Home Max and Google Home Mini prices and deals in August 2018

<pre><pre>The best Google Home, Google Home Max and Google Home Mini prices and deals in August 2018

The best Google Home prices are not difficult. Since you're on this page, you're already in the right place looking for the latest deals on the smart Google speakers for Google Home, Google Home Mini and Google Home Max.

The Google Home family of smart speakers is one of the most popular smart speakers on the market using the convenience of voice control. And do not tell Alexa, but Google Assistant has been considerably smarter in answering our requests. The Google Home and Google Home Mini are more or less the same as the Amazon Echo audio quality range for music, but the newer Google Home Max honestly overcomes every Amazon Echo speaker for music fans who want to feel every beat.

After saving on your new smart speaker, it is as simple as a voice command. All you have to do is & # 39; Ok Google & # 39; say and ask your Google Home questions you want. Google Assistant uses the incredibly powerful Google search engine to give you the answer.

More features and apps are constantly being added, but now you can stream music from Google Play, Spotify, Tunein or your phone. There are smart functions for home technology to combine this too, so watch awe while smart lights and thermostats hear what they need to do. Even the basic functions seem incredibly useful, such as adding items to shopping lists and to-do lists or setting alarms – no more burnt pizza at last!

The standard Google Home was the first smart speaker that Google released. It costs a lot more than the Home Mini, but the more powerful speaker can be worth it if you want to play more music. It is a great intermediate option between choosing from three speakers and considerably cheaper than the advanced Google Home Max.

So, how much does the original Google Home cost? Prices started around the $ 129 / £ 129 mark, but retailers are becoming increasingly competitive nowadays. We see more discounts or bundles, sometimes including a free Chromecast dongle.

Google Home Mini deals

The Google Home Mini is a smaller, cheaper version of Google Home, which was unveiled in 2017 for the first time. Instead of an expensive £ 129 / $ 129, like his bigger older brother, you pay $ 49 in the US and £ 49 in the UK for the Home Mini.

Of course, the Google Home Mini comes with Google Assistant, which means you ask questions by simply starting with, "Ok, Google." And with the power of the Google search engine behind and now a super low price that fits together, it is possible that the time of Alexa is over.

Color options are chalk (gray), charcoal (black) and coral (pink). With such a cheap price you can be tempted to buy more than one, especially for single-family homes, because with a new broadcast app you can talk to any Google Home device at home.

Google Home Mini deals have been very good lately because Google likes to catch up with the Amazon Echo Dot sales, so you will rarely have to pay the full RRP.