<pre><pre>The best games of 2019

By the time December runs around, the beginning of the year can become a blur.


Twelve months is long, and it's easy to forget what happened yesterday, so you'd be forgiven for losing sight of months ago. This is especially a problem with lists that collect the best entertainment of a certain year – whether it is movies, games or music – and end up packed with experiences released in the later months.

To circumvent this, we created this landing page specifically for the best games of 2019. It is not a list that we are working on at the end of the year; consider it instead as a living document, a document that continues to grow as new games appear that surprise us. That way we will not forget anything.

Fortunately, 2019 started with a bang, thanks to great games such as Resident Evil 2, Wargroove, Devil May Cry 5, and yet another smart reimagining of Tetris – expect things to become more interesting from there. If you ever need something new to play, this is the place to check out.