The best free games for kids: 20 great titles for girls and boys

<pre><pre>The best free games for kids: 20 great titles for girls and boys

Welcome to our list of the best free games for children on both tablet and PC. These games have all been carefully chosen to ensure that they are suitable for boys and girls.

We have all heard horror stories about children playing games in the news. In the 1980s we were told that Pac-Man would usher in the end of society as we know it – with children wandering through maze-like streets, starving for a cyberfix.

Now, 30 years later, we know that such a thing never happened. Research has even shown that gambling can be a productive leisure activity – of course in moderation. For example, the best games for children will encourage skills and creativity to solve problems. The best free games for children are therefore an active leisure activity, in contrast to the passivity of TV viewing.

However, it is very important to ensure that your children only play the best games for children. We continued and created a list of 20 of the best free games for children, both boys and girls, between 5 and 11 years old. They are all complete as-is experiences, show no violence and tend to combine both directness and depth. The most important thing is that they are all great fun to play – for children of all ages.

10 best games for kids on Android tablets and iPad

Nowadays, children are more likely to experience computers and games on a tablet for the first time than a home computer. That is why our tablet selection is a bit younger.

According to Google, everything mentioned here has the rating 3+ and so it should be safe for even very young children. Apple is more conservative – it scores 4+, except Super Stickman Golf 3 and Space Team, which are 9+. The games are all easy to operate, easy to control and fun to play.

A note about IAP & # 39; s and ads: Free games have to make money in one way or another. There are several games listed here that actually offer in-app purchases (IAPs) for in-game currencies, and some include ads instead. In the first case, you can disable IAP & # 39; s at system level on your device before handing it over to a child. With the latter you must first play the game yourself to ensure that the ads are in order.

1. Sago Mini Friends

This nice set of mini-games stimulates agility, solve puzzles and creativity. It starts by selecting a colorful character, who then explores a neighborhood with cartoon houses.

Knock on a door and you are invited inside for an animated, entertaining game date. This may have to do with nailing nails in a bird house, dressing or even enjoying a nice bite.

Everything is clear and cheerful and the game promotes empathy, where a friend is looking for nonsense if loot is not shared equally.

Buy Sago Mini Friends for Android and iOS. A Windows PC version is also available. This game does not have IAPs / ads.

2. Lego Creator islands

In all honesty, we know for sure that most parents are happier when they see children playing with real Lego instead of virtual stones on a tablet. But if the real thing is not an option, this official game is a nice replacement.

It is based on the titular islands, on which you collect stones, to buy Lego sets that have been built with a few taps. Over time you build up houses and vehicles, and fun blocky creatures that roam around. As an added bonus, there is no chance of embarrassing on a plastic brick.

Buy Lego Creator Islands Android and iOS. This game does not have IAPs / ads.

3. Toca Kitchen 2

If your child regularly uses a tablet, you probably already have a few Toca Boca games installed. They are a clever mix of education and play, and Toca Kitchen 2 is no exception.

As the name suggests, Toca Kitchen 2 is all about cooking. This game invites you to make meals – no matter how you imagine your imagination. Consider your own recipes and throw your creations with colorful characters, whether you have carefully built a hamburger, or throwing a watermelon in the microwave and covering it in sauce.

Download Toca Kitchen 2 for Android. This game does not have IAPs / ads. There is a paid version for iOS.

4. Llama Spit Spit

Llama Spit Spit is a strange duck, with a flying lama that kills crazy cartoon enemies with a mix of saliva and powerful weapons.

The controls are incredibly simple, which means that even younger players can come on board. Power-ups and collectable llama's (with their own background images) keep things interesting in the long term.

The only problem is that it is the spit of Shooty Skies (Android / iOS), the better (and more surrealistic) game – although the lack of ads and IAP means the llama's get the nod for this particular list.

Pack Llama Spit Spit Android and iOS. This game does not have IAPs / ads.

5. Disney Crossy Road

The original Crossy Road cleverly reworked Frogger, with block figures hopping through thick endless landscapes, trying to avoid a dunk in a river or being flattened by a train. But the master straw was a series of unlockable characters.

Disney Crossy Road is pretty much the same, but uses Disney characters that often radically change the visuals and gameplay mechanics of the game. More than 100 figurines can be found, and although IAP is lurking, playing and collecting coins in the in-game worlds is all you need to harass them all.

Download Disney Crossy Road for Android and iOS. This game contains advertisements and has non-essential IAPs for buying new characters.

6. Frisbee forever 2

You would think that throwing a plastic disc would be a garbage video game. Fortunately, Frisbee Forever 2 is more related to a series of roller coasters, where you drive your disc through gates and collect stars along the way.

There is a touch of Nintendo in this airy arcade game with its colorful graphics, a smart level design and a simple operating system that is suitable for everyone. And although there is freemium underpinning, you will be rewarded with in-game currency for every second you play, even if an attempt to level ends in a failure.

Get Frisbee Forever 2 Android and iOS. This game offers advertisements and has non-essential IAPs for faster disabling of disks and zones.

7. Fruit Ninja

In the rapidly changing world of Fruit Ninja, your finger becomes a virtual sword, which wipes away two pieces of fruit on the screen and tries to prevent you from cutting in controversial bombs.

It is the perfect game for a tablet, because you can make satisfying large swipes across the screen. But what makes it special is the fact that it offers a local multiplayer, so that two children can diligently play their fruit slicing skills against each other.

Buy Fruit Ninja for Android and iOS. This game offers ads and has non-essential IAPs for buying in-game currencies.

8. Mekorama

With its small isometric world that you can rotate with your finger, and landscape-rotating mechanics, Mekorama is reminiscent of Monument Valley. But this game has no Escher-like optical illusions; instead, it focuses on straightforward pathfinding as you help a robot reach its goals.

It is a charming, thoughtful, tactile experience, and on a tablet it is suitable for parent / child play, where you work through the puzzles together. Once you are done with the 50 built-in levels, you can download more from the internet or create it yourself.

Buy Mekorama for Android and iOS. This game contains an optional IAP for tilting the developer.

9. Super Stickman Golf 3

Golf will not be exciting for many children. But the Super Stickman universe does not participate in normal golfing. Instead, you balls balls over larger than life side-on courses – huge castles; laser beams exposed bases; floating islands.

Although it is a fun solo game that gets the best out of larger screens (because you can see more of each track and thus be able to focus more accurately), it also has fantastic multiplayer modes. You can play turn-by-turn games with friends, or take your hands on hectic, foolish & # 39; race to the hole & # 39; skirmishes.

Buy Super Stickman Golf 3 for Android and iOS. This game contains ads and IAP for unlocking a premium upgrade (more courses and slots for turn-based multiplayer) and in-game currency.

10. Space team

If you have multiple children with their own devices, Spaceteam is a wonderfully crazy way to have them all scream against each other in a vaguely productive way, so that they can work as a team – at least in theory. Specifically, a & # 39; spaceteam & # 39; in a ship that tries to avoid an exploding star, with control panels designed by a sadist.

As soon as your children's devices are connected, instructions will appear on your display – but the controls may be on someone else's. So you will have people shouting nonsense like "someone turns on the dangling shunter" while they figure out if their own screen has a & # 39; spectrobolt & # 39; slider. Just like Star Trek.

Get Space Team for Android and iOS. This game has a single optional IAP that unlocks new features and themes