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The best Diablo 4 Druid builds


The Druid returns inside Diablo 4but remains functionally similar to his Diablo 2 counterpart. Able to shapeshift, use elemental magic, and summon minions, the druid is a jack of all trades. This class requires players to use every resource available to the druid to realize its full potential.

Since mastery is a delicate balancing act, new players may find it difficult to handle the Druid, as it doesn’t have the same ruggedness as the Barbarian or the raw damage capabilities of the Sorcerer, Necromancer, and Rogue. However, those looking for a challenge can find the druid a suitable one, as you’ll need to micromanage every part of your build to get the most out of it.

Image: Blizzard/Activision via Polygon

The Diablo 4 beta limits characters at level 25, which limits how many skill points you can receive initially. You can earn skill points by increasing your notoriety by tracking down dozens of Lilith’s Altars in the Fractured Peaks region, among other things. Here are the best druid skills to get into Diablo 4.

Best Diablo 4 Druid Build – One Target:

  • Claw → Enhanced Claw → Wild Claw
  • Earth Spike → Improved Earth Spike
  • Shred → Enhanced Shred → Primal Shred
  • Predatory instinct → Digitigrade gait
  • Blood Cry → Improved Blood Cry → Preserve Blood Cry
  • Ravens → Enhanced Ravens → Fierce Ravens
  • Call of the Wild 3/3
  • Rabies → Enhanced rabies
  • Neurotoxin → Toxic Claws → Envenom
  • Tear apart

Best Diablo 4 Druid Build – AoE:

  • Earth Spike → Improved Earth Spike
  • Storm Attack → Improved Storm Attack → Wild Storm Attack
  • Lightning Storm → Improved Lightning Storm → Raging Lightning Storm
  • Wrecking Roar → Improved Wrecking Roar → Keep Wrecking Roar
  • Wolves → Improved Wolves → Brutal Wolf Pack
  • Call of the Wild 3/3
  • Hurricane → Enhanced Hurricane → Natural Hurricane
  • Elemental exposure → Charged atmosphere
  • disaster

How to use the Druid in Diablo 4

Like the Barbarian and Rogue, the Druid can use abilities to stun, poison, and make enemies vulnerable. It is highly recommended that players choose to focus on one of these status conditions for their build. For taking down single-purpose enemies, such as World Bosses, such as the Diablo 4 betas Ashava the Pestilent – switching to the werewolf is essential, due to his ability to bend enemies with Rabies (i.e. the druid’s poison) and heals himself with it Blood cry. That said, you can mix and match these skills to suit your own preferences, but keep in mind that each form – Werewolf or Werebear – has unique passive traits that can be invested in the skill tree itself. By taking advantage of this, you can determine what kind of damage you want to deal and which aspects you want to apply to your equipment to deal as much damage as possible.

When it comes to taking out groups of enemies, using different types of elemental spells is essential. While the druid’s werewolf form has its fair share of close range attacks, it’s not that effective against more than a few enemies at a time. Using Earth Spike can stun enemies, allowing you to use a few other crowd control spells such as Lightning strike.

Werebear form is also great for debuffing enemies, making battles go by a little faster. Using followers like Wolves are also advised as they can do a bit of damage to you if used correctly. Ultimately, Druid is the hardest of the classes to master, as it takes a little taste of each skill tree from a little bit. Specializing in one might give you the perk you’re looking for, but it might fall you short when it comes to crowd control. Druid players will want to make sure they have different builds for different occasions, or they could have a hard time.

You can further enhance the power of your abilities through the use of aspects, passive abilities found on gear that you can remove and reapply to better gear. Here’s how that process works.

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