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The best cheap VPN just got even cheaper thanks to this Black Friday deal

There are two specific reasons why we love it when Surfshark makes a new offer. The first is that the prices are often some of the best out there, so it means you can get a top quality VPN for a ridiculously cheap price. The second is because it makes us write out our favorite old joke about it being a VPN deal that has ‘teeth’. Simple pleasures.

When you’re done laughing, let’s tell you about the current promotion it got in the name of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Surfshark has built a great reputation over the years as a VPN provider that offers a fantastic service while keeping prices low. So here we look at the standard low Surfshark price of $ 2.49 / £ 1.89 / AU $ 3.42 per month if you sign for the two-year plan.