The Best Card Game To Play In 2020

The Best Card Game To Play In 2020


Why is the popularity of online games growing exponentially these days?

There is a substantial reason why netizens prefer spending their free time playing games, rather than watching TV or web shows. Games are not only one of our best companions but also are an excellent teacher! They test your ability to focus, analyze, evaluate, and apply your skills and knowledge according to the situation.

The advancement of technology has made it possible for us to play the ‘online’ versions of our favorite games while sitting comfortably in our homes or offices. In this digital world, there is a classic game that is growing in popularity day-by-day worldwide  Poker.

Poker is considered one of the best games for a brain workout. Earlier, the game was having an ‘image problem’ due to the misconception that it is a chance-based game. But now, people across the globe have started realizing the true potential of the game. The youth considers it the perfect skill-based game to develop concentration and improve decision-making skills. 

How To Play 

A Poker game can be played between 2 to 9 players with a deck of 52 cards. The objective of the game is to create the strongest 5-card hand to win the pot (the total money all players invest on the table) as per hand ranking rules. A hand is formed by using the hole cards (in-hand cards) and five community cards in a specific combination as per the variant. The community cards are those cards that the card dealer opens in three betting rounds – first 3 at Flop, 1 at Turn, and 1 at River. 

The game begins with the card distribution. In the betting rounds, every player acts (bet, raise, call, or fold) based on his possibility of winning the hand. Anytime a player wants to leave the hand, he can fold his cards on his turn to act. At Showdown, all players show their cards and the player with the strongest hand in value gets the pot.

The opportunity to earn real money rewards is one of the prime reasons for the public’s growing interest in the game. Most Poker sites allow players to sign-up for free. Once created, you can easily log-in to your account at any time to join the tables. To participate in the cash games and tournaments, you need to pay the buy-in/entry-free. At the tables, you compete against other players by wagering money on the basis of your hand strength. If you win, your prize money instantly gets credited in your website account that you can easily transfer to your bank account.    Due to easy availability of smartphones and accessibility to the internet, registrations on online Poker sites are increasing at a rampant rate.

Poker is a simple-to-learn game but requires consistent practice and training if you want to master it. If you are a new player and not familiar with the basic rules, there is no need to be perplexed. There are lots of books, blogs, articles, and videos available to help you learn the concepts of pot odds, table positions, bankroll management, bluffing, etc. There are several online forums where you can share your thoughts and queries about the game with like-minded people and get valuable insights about how to stay one step ahead of the opponents. To get the real-time experience of playing in the competitive environment of a Poker room, you can play freeroll games online.