The best bargains: this is the best choice for money from the best financial deals

Save money, earn money: this is Money has selected the best buy deals that deserve your attention this week

Save money, earn money: this is the best choice of money for the best financial deals to help you grow your savings and investments

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Being disciplined about saving can be difficult, but a recent survey has shown that we as a nation do not really put enough away for a rainy day.

Figures from Tandem Bank show that 25 percent of us do not put any money aside, while Aldermore's analysis says the average saver that only squirts £ 1,510 a year.

It is really a surprise when you think about it. The rising cost of living means that many have the feeling that they can not afford to save, and those who can not get a real reward for that thanks to bad interest rates.

But saving on our goals, whether it's a rainy day fund, a family vacation, a house depot or a more comfortable retirement is extremely important, bad prices or not.

So, what is needed to save us more money to reach them? Well, it can be as simple as buying a cup of coffee in the morning.

Save money, earn money: this is Money has selected the best buy deals that deserve your attention this week

Save money, earn money: this is Money has selected the best buy deals that deserve your attention this week

This week we looked at some smart tools offered by Moneybox, Starling, Monzo, Lloyds and Halifax that allow you to save without realizing it yourself.

They all round off your debit card to the nearest £ 1 and deposit the extra bill in an attached piggy bank or investment account.

The idea is not new, it is the same as throwing the reserve into a pot at the end of the day, but being updated for our increasingly moneyless society.

Take your coffee in the morning costs £ 2.50 – that's 50p swept into your savings account. The extra pennies are small enough to go unnoticed from your budget, but they build up quickly if you consider all your daily expenses.

You can read more in our full guide here or view our top choices and more of our favorite deals this week below.

Starling – Savings on rides plus free expenses for foreign countries

Challenger bank, Starling, pays 0.5 percent interest on balances up to £ 2,000, it also comes with free expenses and withdrawals abroad. You have to manage your account via his smartphone app, but his savings round-up tool is one of our top choices because it compensates a debit balance with your piggy banks to prevent you from getting lost in the red.

Halifax – Savings rounds plus £ 135 cash

Halifax & # 39; s Reward account is not as generous as it once was, but still offers £ 2 per month to account holders and currently pays up to £ 135 to sign up. You get £ 50 in cash to exchange another £ 85 after six months. To earn the bonus, you need two direct debits and can deposit £ 1500 per month. The bank saves the change tool is a top choice because it allows you to redirect the additional change to your own or a savings account of a family member.

Virgin Money – Last chance to get 25,000 Flying Club miles

The rewards + credit card from Virgin Atlantic currently offers a sign-up bonus for the bumper, but ends on Friday. Those who apply and spend £ 1,500 within 90 days receive up to 25,000 Flying Club miles – enough for a return trip to New York. All expenses on the card earn 1 mile per £ 1. The card carries an annual fee of £ 160 and an interest rate of 22.9 percent – but it is one of the best deals, and worth the cost if you're a big player are.

Shawbrook Bank – 1.66 percent a year Isa

Shawbrook Bank increased its fixed-rate interest rate fixed rate from Isa to 1.66 percent (1.65 percent per month) to maintain its pole position in the savings tables. You need £ 5,000 to open the account and make transfers possible. You can access and manage your account online.

Aldermore Bank – 1.65 percent annuals Isa

Aldermore's course is not the best on the market – a slither below Shawbrook at 1.65 percent (1.64 percent per month). But the bank has a more affordable minimum deposit of £ 1,000, which can make it a better option for some savers. The account can be opened online and makes transfers possible.

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