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The Benefits Of Nylon Washers

You may not think about washers all that often, but these small rings play an important role in most aspects of your daily life. Do you live in a home, apartment or condo? That building was put together using washers along with other fasteners. Do you drive a vehicle or utilize public transportation? Cars, buses and trains utilize washers to keep components bound together. In fact, the device your reading this on right now probably utilizes some type of washer components in it to keep bolts and screws tight.

While there are plenty of different materials out there used to make washers, nylon is an increasingly superior choice. In the past, metal washers were the standard, but as manufacturing processes have become streamlined to produce more durable materials, nylon has become a better choice for many applications. Availability of nylon flat washers is also plentiful as you can purchase nylon washers from a trusted manufacturer online or through a number of retailers nationwide.

Sound Dampening

One of the more unique benefits of natural nylon washers is that they provide sound dampening to a greater degree than most metal options. Nylon as a material is fairly dense while also being lightweight, and it is these qualities that help it to reduce vibrations and dampen sound. Even though you may not think that vibrations add that much to overall noise when working with moving parts, lots of small vibrations combine to create noise. Reducing this noise in small increments around a machine by utilizing large nylon washers goes a long way in controlling sound.

More Color Options

Although most washers are hidden from view in the manufacturing of an item, some washers need to be visible depending on the design schematics. When using metal washers, you may find that you’re limited in terms of color choice since artificially coloring metal can be expensive and labor-intensive with little benefit. When using nylon, the material is much easier to color and less expensive. If you want black nylon washers, you can get them. If you need a different color, those are more likely available too. In fact, you may even be able to custom-order colored nylon washers to meet your project’s specific needs.

Nylon Is Less Rigid

Metal is, by nature, a rigid material. This helps in applications where strength is important, but it can be a problem when a washer needs some flex to it. Nylon, on the other hand, offers strength and durability combined with more flexibility. This makes it a wonderful choice for applications that are exposed to temperature changes which may lead to contraction or expansion. Also, points of contact that experience higher levels of vibration once again benefit since they will be less prone to loose connections when nylon is used.

The flexibility of nylon can also be a benefit when dealing with issues of tightness. Metal can crack and break when too much pressure is applied, but nylon can be more forgiving in terms of pressure. This may allow designers and construction professionals to have more leeway when changing plans on the fly.

Can Be Used In A Number Of Industries

Nylon washers are also versatile enough to be used in a variety of industries whereas metal may be more limited. Industries that include oil and gas, electrical, manufacturing, construction, medical and plumbing can all benefit from nylon washers since nylon can stand up to substances that may cause corrosion when exposed to metal. Thankfully, if a nylon washer needs to be replaced after being damaged, these washers are generally less expensive as well.

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