The Benefits of Cashmere

When you think of autumn fabrics, visions of soft, cuddly cashmere come to mind. Cashmere is a type of wool, made from the under layer of fur from certain types of goats, and has nothing to do with the scratchy fibers that you traditionally associate with wool from sheep. It’s synonymous with comfort and luxury. Whether you dress in it or cuddle up with cashmere throws on the sofa, here are the benefits of cashmere to keep in mind next time you’re shopping for a sweater, scarf or throw.

Silky soft

Let’s start with the obvious- cashmere is silky soft. It’s completely unlike most animal fibers, which are scratchy and coarse. It comes from the fleecy bottom later of a goat’s coat, and grows thicker the colder the goat is. Cashmere is also sleek and lightweight- unlike most winter sweaters and scarves, you won’t look like a puffy marshmallow once you’re all dressed up. This is one of the reasons cashmere is considered so stylish.

Keeps you warm

Cashmere is one of the warmest fabrics you’ll find. In fact, it’s eight times warmer than sheep’s wool. One of the leading exporters of cashmere is Mongolia, where winter nights are typically around -40 degrees Celcius (that’s around -70 degrees Fahrenheit!) The fur used to make cashmere naturally keeps these goats insulated, so you can understand why the material also keeps us so warm. Wearing a cashmere sweater or snuggling up in a cashmere blanket is almost like having our very own fur coat.


Autumn and winter are a time of frequent traveling as people reunite with their loved ones for the holidays. With traveling comes packing a suitcase, and with packed clothes come wrinkles…but not with cashmere! One of the great benefits of this fabric is that it you can fold, roll, twist or turn in it and it won’t wrinkle.

Breathable fibers

Have you ever found yourself putting on warm clothing to stay cozy on a cold day only to find yourself too warm? This happens when synthetic fibers trap the heat, and can lead to feeling like a sweaty mess. Luckily, nature designed goat fur in a way that keeps the creatures warm in a comfortable, non sauna-inducing way, and you can enjoy that feeling too while wrapped in breathable cashmere.

High-quality and trendy

Cashmere may cost more than other fabrics, but the higher price tag translates to high quality. If you treat it well, a cashmere item can last a lifetime, so you can certainly get your money’s worth as compared to other fabrics which will wear out with time. Cashmere is a classic luxury item which never goes out of style, so you’re guaranteed to be on-trend no matter what.

Cashmere is also on the rarer side, as there is a limited supply of goats who can produce the necessary fur, and it takes at least three goats to produce the equivalent fiber of one sweater. That gives you an extra reason to cherish the cashmere you have, and to consider it a sign of sincerity when someone gifts you an item made of cashmere.

Safety first

Cashmere is fire-resistant, and won’t melt onto the skin in cases of emergency. Once the source of a flame is extinguished, cashmere will also self-extinguish. It’s also hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice for people with allergies or for baby blankets. 

Cashmere has a lot to offer, and is a comfortable, reliable fabric that should populate your winter wardrobe and home decor. Whether you opt for neutral colors or bright, vivid hues, you can’t go wrong with adding another piece or two to your collection.