The BBC can beat online services to beat Netflix and YouTube

<pre><pre>The BBC can beat online services to beat Netflix and YouTube

It appears that the BBC could streamline its online services to make it easier for its websites to navigate and easier to find and view content, in an attempt to prevent competition from streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube.

In a report from the Daily Telegraph (and reported by The Guardian), Tony Hall, BBC Director General, said that "we need to focus on a smaller number of services that deliver our best online content on the global market against well-funded competitors. . "

According to a BBC source that spoke to the Telegraph, the BBC will reduce the online content that is not often used by its audience. This means that the BBC Earth and BBC Arts departments will close the BBC website and the Guardian reports that there will also be "less attention for gossip about celebrities".

Changing focus

It appears that the BBC will focus on the eight areas that attract more than 90% of its online audience: iPlayer, news, music and spoken word, weather, sports, children's content, BBC Bitesize revision and the BBC home page.

The idea is that the content that is popular with its audience will be easier to find and that concentrating resources in those important areas should also help improve their quality.

Netflix has aggressively expanded its original content with comedy and drama series with big names, while YouTube is becoming more popular with children. The BBC recently released a report that Netflix indicated as a site that penetrated the public.

Keeping the BBC, with its public task, popular with children will be essential for the broadcaster as these competitors grow.