The Baizuo: The Wests Cultural Revolution

In 1966, China went through a period that’s now known as “The Cultural Revolution”. That may sound like a euphemism for a roulette game in an online casino, but it’s not.

The purpose of this event was to reimpose and strengthen communism throughout China, known specifically as Maoism after the leader Mao Zedong, by purging capitalist and traditional elements from Chinese society. Mao used ideology to create a pandemic of violence and upheaval across China and tore away at Chinese society to help solidify his own power.

His base, mainly younger Chinese, were told that they were the victims of a class struggle, that inequality in the capital was equivalent to oppression, and that it was justified to rise up against their oppressors (IE: Everybody who doesn’t think like them).

Between 500,000 and two million people died as a direct result of the Cultural Revolution, and nearly thirty million died before the Revolution as a result of Maoist policies.

Journey to the West

Does this sound familiar? It very well might, because something similar is happening in the west. A growing movement is calling for a “Western Cultural Revolution”, just not in so many words. They want – nay, demand – that the culture change under the guise of compassion and empathy. Anyone who opposes this movement is persecuted to an almost fanatical, religious extent with nearly no wiggle-room for debate or reason.

I’ll use American politics as an example since it’s what I’m most familiar with.

Let’s look at the array of Democratic candidates running in the DNC primaries for 2020. I would say that nearly all of them (with maybe two exceptions) fall neatly into this cultural revolution. Some are just more honest about it than the others.

One of the most honest is Senator Bernie Sanders, who is an outspoken supporter of Democratic Socialism. What’s the difference between Democratic Socialism and Communism, you may ask? Your vote to have your rights taken away.

Cultural Erasure

Maybe that’s a little harsh, but let’s take a look at some of the most ardent supporters of this cultural phenomenon, Antifa – a group the Department of Homeland Security declared to be a domestic terrorist organization.

This “anti-fascist” group goes out of its way to interrupt political rallies in ways that almost always lead to violence. They march in the streets chanting about how they hate America, they hate the police, and they hate Capitalism, all under the name of fighting ‘hate’ and ‘Nazis’.

Antifa and similar groups demand that freedoms be eroded away in the name of the greater good, and that culture and tradition are tools of oppressors, and that rising against oppressors (IE: Everybody who doesn’t think like them) is justified.

Hm, see the similarities now?

However, what kind of cultural changes are being demanded that separate groups like Antifa from Neonazis? The erasure of rationality, spirituality, and traditional morality. That’s a lot of “-quality”, so allow me to break it down further.

Have you heard that Facebook has seventy-one different gender options? That is an erasure of rationality.

Have you heard that religion is wrong, unnecessary, and even evil? That is an erasure of spirituality (Note: An atheist can be spiritual too if, say, he learns from biblical stories, even if he doesn’t believe they happened).

Have you seen videos of Antifa? Of San Francisco pride parades that are one step away from being outright orgies? That is an erasure of traditional morality and decency.

The Baizuo

Funnily enough, the Chinese have some interesting thoughts on the matter. The term Baizuo is used to describe such people by generation zen, the latest Chinese generation. Baizuo means “White Left”, and is an epithet for the types of people in the west who sit on their high horses screaming about how awful everything is. The kind that would go to a climate strike and leave litter on the ground afterward.

We can also see through Generation Zen exactly the outcome of all this cultural erasure. When you take away freedoms, culture, spirituality, you’re left with a society that has nothing but bread and circuses. A nihilistic, apathetic, and oppressed society – and isn’t that ironic?