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The backlash against Keating’s AUKUS spray reveals our incapacity for healthy debate


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Avoiding or closing down Keating without conversation just highlights our constraints as a society going to acknowledge various viewpoints.

Paul Keating
Paul Keating (Image: Supplied)

What do we do when someone– anyone– proposes a concept that would seem heresy and a danger to some recognized order or story?

We do basically what we constantly do. We look for to separate and “other” a specific holding a various viewpoint– as an example, simply take the research study of previous prime minister Paul Keating’s criticism of the AUKUS submarine offer.

Keating’s point of view on AUKUS has actually been covered advertisement nauseam over the previous week, and a series of individuals in the media, politics and policy have actually looked for to separate Keating and paint his viewpoint as out-of-date.


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Tom Ravlic


Tom Ravlic is an investigative reporter and author who has actually composed thoroughly on legal affairs, company politics and nationwide security over a profession covering 26 years.



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