The Bachelor: Vakoo brings her OWN red carpet to meet Matt and remains silent about his models

& # 39; Bam, I'm pregnant! & # 39; The Bachelor & # 39; s Vakoo brings her OWN red carpet to her first meeting with Matt Agnew and remains silent about his obvious catwalk attempts


The bachelor returned on Wednesday evening and brought a participant who pulled out all the stops for her first meeting with Matt Agnew.

Model Vakoo brought her own red carpet in her attempts to impress Matt and even persuade the new bachelor to try his own walkway.

His collapse worthy attempts seemed to make her a little warm and bothered when Vakoo left Matt a little surprised by stating that his model smoldering her & # 39; pregnant & # 39; had made.


When he saw Vakoo approaching the runway armed with her own red carpet, Matt joked: & Do you need some space to … operate here? & # 39;

Vakoo joked that she wanted to get & # 39; all corners & # 39; as she rolled out her red carpet and started posing dramatically before greeting Matt.

Little did he know that she had a surprise in store for him when she then asked him to show her something & # 39; herself on her runway.

Matt gave it absolutely everything and although his technique was perhaps questionable, Vakoo was overwhelmed by his efforts.


& # 39; I want to see what I'm working with, you know? & # 39; she told Matt before helping him perfect his model support.

She urged Matt and said to him: & # 39; Take that carpet. OK. Oh oh oh oh! Turn now. Bam! I'm pregnant. & # 39;

& # 39; Sorry, what?! & # 39; Matt replied when Vokoo tried to leave quickly, the astrophysicist trying to stop her and saying: & # 39; You can't get away so easily! & # 39;


Vokoo teased her to leave Matt & # 39; want something more & # 39; before she was joking: & # 39; Oh, also … if you turn black, you'll never go back. & # 39;

Matt seemed a little overwhelmed when he said to himself, "What did I do for myself?" This experience is so unpredictable and I love it. Oh, boy. & # 39;

This time, The Bachelor welcomes 28 girls from the very beginning to the mansion – the largest number of bachelors to date in show history.

In the first episode, a girl, Rachael, surprised the bachelor by rocking up in a wedding dress.


Pretty enthralled with her idea, Rachael told the camera & # 39; s: & # 39; No one has ever done anything like this before, so I'm sure many of the other girls will be jealous. & # 39;


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