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The anti-lockdown protesters in Melbourne took to the streets frustrated for the fourth weekend in a row

Step One: The first step took effect on September 13 at 11:59 pm.

Step Two: The second step will be implemented when Melbourne has an average of 30-50 COVID-19 cases per day for the past 14 days. This is planned to take place on September 28.

Step Three: The transition to step three will occur when there are an average of five new cases every day in the past 14 days. This is planned to take place on October 26.

Step Four: The transition to step four will occur when there have been no new COVID-19 cases in the past 14 days. This is planned to take place on November 23.

COVID Normal: After 28 days with no new COVID-19 cases, things will return to normal.

Step One – Sept. 13 11:59 PM: Effective now

Curfew has been relaxed until 9:00 PM – 5:00 AM

People can still leave home alone for the four reasons (shopping, sports, work and care or medical care)

Public gatherings increased to two people, or a household, for up to two hours

Singles can bring in one nominated person as part of the ‘social bubble for singles’

Childcare and early educators remain closed

Schools will continue to learn from a distance unless they have exemptions

Adult education continues to take place at a distance, unless they have an exemption

Only start working if you are in an allowed industry

– Cafés and restaurants will only continue with takeout

– Retail companies remain open to essential purchases, while others only work with click and collect

– Only one person per household can do the necessary shopping

Step Two – September 28th:

Public gatherings are increasing again to five people from a maximum of two households

Childcare and early educators can reopen

Schools will continue to distance learning, but Prep to Grade Two and Year 11 and Year 12 will gradually return to class in Term 4

The number of allowed workplaces will increase

Step Three – October 26:

There is no more curfew

There are no restrictions on leaving home

Public gatherings increase to 10 people together outside

There will be a ‘household bubble’, so that five people from one house can visit another

Distance learning can be continued, but grades 3 through year 11 can gradually return to class

– Adult education will continue to take place at a distance, but hands-on lessons will gradually return to on-site lessons

Working from home is encouraged

– Up to 10 people can eat together in restaurants and cafes, with most of the tables outside

– Reopening of shops, hairdressers operating under security measures, but beauty salons that remain closed

– Brokers can conduct private inspections by appointment

– The purchase limit of one person per household is withdrawn

Step Four – November 23:

Public gatherings to extend to 50 people away from home

A maximum of 20 visitors can attend a house at the same time

All adult education will return to the location with security precautions

– Groups limited to 20 indoors and a maximum of 50 customers per location

– Reopen all shops, while brokers can work with security measures and by keeping a register of employees

Step Five – COVID Normal:

Public gatherings have no restriction

There are also no restrictions on visitors to homes

– Phased return to work on site for homeworkers work

Schools just open again

– Removed restrictions on hospitality, but locations to keep records