The anti-feminist blogger who defaced the memorial of Eurydice Dixon apologizes

Andrew Nolch, inset, must do community service for defacing a memorial to slain comedian Eurydice Dixon.

A Melbourne anti-feminist blogger who defaced a memorial to slain comedian Eurydice Dixon has avoided a jail term.

Andrew Nolch, 29, pleaded guilty last Thursday to criminal damages for painting a 25-meter-long penis at the Princes Park memorial in June to make a "political statement."

Nolch, who is the host of a Scientology podcast and also has anti-vaccine beliefs, committed the act a few days after Ms. Dixon was raped and murdered, and a public vigil was held the night before.

Andrew Nolch outside the Court of Magistrates of Melbourne. (AAP)

Magistrate Olivia Trumble, who described her actions as "despicable," sentenced him to an 18-month community corrections order in which he must complete 200 hours of community service.

"The emotional damage of your behavior is immeasurable," she said while condemning him.

"Your conduct, in my opinion, is inexplicable and your actions despicable."

Ms. Trumble added that Nolch showed no remorse and remained concerned about her lack of understanding of her offense.

Nolch's lawyer, Glenn Thexton, told the court last week that Nolch's views were in the hands of "many others" in society.

"There is a lot of symbolism in what he draws on the lawn," he said.

Nolch must also pay more than $ 19,500 in restitution for the damage.

Firefighters and council workers could not remove the graffiti despite working through the night, so the lawn was replaced at a cost of almost $ 20,000.

In a speech in court, Nolch said he wanted to "apologize to Eurydice Dixon and her family."

When asked why he wanted to apologize, he replied "without comment".

"I am a defender of equal rights for both sexes, not all men are bad," he told reporters.

"I made political graffiti because conventional media and feminists turned the tragic murder of Eurydice Dixon into a political event that hated men, ignoring possible real solutions to murder, such as the legalization of pepper spray for the protection of women, or investigation into what caused the killer's autism, in which there might be a vaccine link.

"This dominant media propaganda and blatant hatred of the man bothered me so much that I thought I had to make a statement for the rights of men."

Nolch must attend a behavior change program for men as part of the corrections order in her community.

You should also send a saliva sample to the police, and if you do not comply, you can use reasonable force against him.

Ms. Dixon, 22, was raped and killed at Carlton North Park after performing a comedy concert on June 13.

A 19-year-old man was charged with the rape and murder of Mrs. Dixon.