The animated series from League of Legends is coming to Netflix this fall


The long-awaited League of Legends animated series coming to Netflix. The streaming service confirmed today that the show is called Arcane, will be available later this fall. The show was first announced in 2019 as part of a League 10 year anniversary celebration; last year, announced developer Riot Which Arcane would be delayed to 2021 due to the pandemic.

We still don’t know much about the show (you can get too short a taste in the teaser above), but it’s part of a big push from Riot to expand League beyond just the strategic core game. Until now, these have been comic books, a digital card game, a mobile spin-off and even an old board game. An animated series also makes sense given Riot’s long history of short films.

Arcane also fits in with Netflix’s recent strategy to tap into the world of video games for new shows and movies. Outside of the blockbuster success of The Witcher, there is also a new season of it Castlevania coming later this month, an upcoming one Tomb Raider anime, and even Leagues greatest rival, Dota 2, has its own show.