The Animal Crossing: New Horizons soundtrack features seven island vibes CDs


You can put down your Switch, you can retire Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but you can never completely leave the island behind. Now, thanks a new imported soundtrack from multiple CDs you don’t have to do that for the game. With seven – yes, seven – compact discs from Animal Crossing music you can literally change the theme music of your life as often as it changes in game.

Seven CDs seems like a lot, but New horizons, like others Animal Crossing games before it is scored almost constantly, with multiple variations of in-game music for each hour of the day (“3:00 pm” fans, getting up), multiple locations and weather conditions. The series’ music is one of the main reasons why it is so loved. Having a number for almost any situation only enhances the power of the “I really could be here forever” game. That’s why Nintendo is dropping a live version of the theme can be a small mini-event on its own.

You can own the full discography of KK Slider AND the music for every hour of the day.
Image: Columbia Japan

Details about the imported limited edition Animal Crossing: New Horizons soundtrack is slim, but referring to the image above, the complete package appears to come with seven CDs, custom albums to hold them, and what looks like a KK Slider themed headphone case The soundtrack is available for pre-order now from Amazon with a current release date for this Friday, April 16.

Until then, join me on a (mental) walk around your island at exactly three in the afternoon, wherever you are.