The Amazon Ring offered a system for requesting footage to more than 400 law enforcement agencies

Amazon's Ring Security Service works with over 400 law enforcement agencies in the United States, the company announced today in a blog post.


In the post, Ring said it had made an extension to his Neighbors app, called the Neighbors Portal, which the police can use to request video recordings of investigations, or to make public announcements as "a verified law enforcement officer."

"We share updates when new law enforcement agencies join neighbors through the app, social media, and local press, but our users have asked for an additional way to search this information," the blog post says. The company has also issued an interactive map with a list of partnerships and the active date of the agreement. Ring said in the post that it would keep the map updated regularly.

The announcement follows a wave of press that questions Ring's agreements with law enforcement. In July, motherboard reported that Amazon had told the police with whom it had cooperated more than 200 law enforcement agencies, quickly raise questions about user privacy, and about exactly how close those relationships expanded.

The number of partners could also increase rapidly. Earlier in the day The Washington Post reported that 401 law enforcement agencies used Ring's tools, but the number increased to 405 by the time Ring published its own post later in the day.