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The alleged Sunshine Coast torture house in Tewantin is vandalized by vigilantes as a teenager speaks

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EXCLUSIVE: Vigilantes Take Matters Into Their Own Hands, Vandalize Home Of Accused Teen Torturer As Alleged Victim, 13, Reveals Why He Went In The House In The First Place

  • Teenager allegedly tortured broke the silence
  • Images emerged of vigilantes getting revenge

A teenager who was allegedly tortured by three girls said she had a “feeling that something bad was going to happen when they invited her,” as images surfaced of vigilantes appearing to vandalize the house where she was being held.

The 13-year-old girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was allegedly bound, burned, stabbed and trampled at a house in Tewantin, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, on March 11.

Three girls, aged 14, 13 and 12, charged in the incident two days later with the trio leading the Maroochydore Children’s Court.

The alleged victim broke her silence by claiming that the girls had threatened to kill her little brother if she told anyone about the incident.

His comments come as vigilantes appear to have taken matters into their own hands with videos showing them vandalizing the home of one of the suspected attackers.

The 13-year-old girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was allegedly tied up, burned and trampled at a house in Tewantin, on the Sunshine Coast, on March 11.

The 13-year-old boy told him a current affair that she had been invited to his house for a party but that she suspected something was wrong.

“I had a feeling in my stomach, like a feeling that I shouldn’t go, but I just ignored it because I thought some of my close friends were going to be there,” he said.

She alleged that one of the girls threatened to kill her “multiple times” when she got to the house.

The teen allegedly had bottles smashed in her face and knives thrown at her during the five-hour ordeal.

She alleged that the teens threatened to kill her daughter’s three-year-old brother if he told anyone what had happened to him.

The mother said she was horrified to see her daughter’s injuries, prompting her to take the 13-year-old to hospital.

He claimed that the alleged attackers insisted on going with his daughter.

The 13-year-old girl spent a week in hospital recovering from her injuries.

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His interview comes as vigilante groups appear to have taken matters into their own hands, posting videos of themselves inside the house where the alleged torture took place.

In one video, a group of masked teenagers flip a bed in one of the rooms while their accomplice jumps on it.

Groups of vigilantes threatened to burn down the house of the alleged ringleader accused of torturing a 13-year-old girl (pictured after the alleged attack) in a four-hour ordeal.

Several videos have circulated on TikTok showing the house of one of the alleged attackers being vandalized by outraged people.

In one video, a group of masked teenagers can be seen flipping a bed in one of the rooms while their accomplice jumps on it.

Another video showed an overturned coffee table, smashed ornaments on the floor, and broken glass windows.

A third video showed a different person kicking in the front door of the house as their friends laughed and cheered them on.

Online supporters have posted an address for the older girl with threats to burn down the house, throw bricks through the windows and attack the accused teen.

On Thursday, Queensland Police said they had now launched an investigation into the threats and warned potential vigilantes to stand down in a statement to Daily Mail Australia.

“People trying to take matters into their own hands may very well have any weapon against them and could face harm,” a spokesman said.

“In some cases, they themselves could face legal recourse depending on their actions.”

Multiple social media accounts in the name of the alleged ringleader have been bombarded with sinister threats.

“Come on, just an hour’s drive,” one posted in a post revealing the alleged ringleader’s home address.

The tribe and I about to rock at his door.

Another ominously posted: “Not a house anymore, just a pile of ash.”

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