The Akira film live promotion by Taika Waititi gets the release date in May 2021

Thor: Ragnarok the next big budget project from director Taika Waititi, a live action version of the beloved manga series Akira, finally has a release date, The wrap reports: May 21, 2021.

Waititi & # 39; s project, which is distributed by Warner Bros., was first announced in 2017. The announcement came just before Waititi & # 39; s first major blockbuster movie, Thor: Ragnarok, was released. Although Waititi built up a cult-like crowd of fans thanks to films such as What we do in the shade and Eagle vs Shark, the Akira The announcement made fans of the manga series – and the critically acclaimed 1988 anime adaptation – nervous for a long time. Waititi told Dazed magazine in April 2018 that he was more than aware of the concern.

"What I wanted to do was adjust the books, because many people say & # 39; don't touch that movie! & # 39; And I kind of like & # 39; I don't recreate the movie, I want to go back to the book & # 39; & # 39 ;, Waititi said Dazed. "Many of the hurt people have not even read the books and there are six giant books to read through. It is so rich."

The project also has the support of the original manga author Katsuhiro Otomo. Otomo told Forbes in 2017 that although he was ready to leave Akira He thinks it is good that other people adjust his work. However, his only condition is that he "can check and approve the scenario" for adapting the live action. Otomo struggled with adapting the work as a live action film itself, but it sounds like he will work closely with Waititi to bring the story to light.

Recent live action changes to popular manga and anime didn't really go well. Netflix Obituary was panned by critics for not understanding the tone of the source material, and Rupert Sanders & # 39; adaptation of the live action of Spirit in the dish was too dependent on the original anime movie to the point that it didn't work. Spirit in the dish also had a setback for casting Scarlett Johansson, with the studio opposite allegations of money laundering.

Fans still hesitate, but Waititi has more than proven since the announcement that if a director can do it, he is. Thor: Ragnarok was critically praised and set up Waititi as a director who is not afraid to take on a project or a franchise with a strong built-in fan base. Although in 2018 he even suggested that he hadn't really got my head over it & # 39 ;.

It is too early to say what Waititi's are Akira will look like, but given the director's history, it can be safe to be optimistic. Warner bros. is that for sure. When it appears on May 21, 2021, Akira will have to compete against a self-titled Marvel film and John Wick 4.