The advantages of having a pet: people who have animals are happier, richer and exercise more

In a study of homes with two pets, more than half of the owners say that their cat has attacked their dog threateningly.

However, less than one in five has seen his dog threaten his cat.

About 56.5 percent said their cat had threatened their dog, compared to 18 percent whose dog had threatened the cat.

And although cats are typically smaller than dogs, they still manage to inflict injuries on their domestic rivals. Almost a tenth of the owners reported that their cat had hurt the dog, but less than 1 percent said that their dog had hurt the cat.

The findings come from a study of nearly 750 owners, who overwhelmingly believe that the cat is king.

While dogs and cats can live together in a friendly way, they said, it is rarely a "close relationship," and if they get along it's mostly the cat's. Cats that are often uncomfortable with dogs were less likely to form a friendly relationship, they added.

The co-author of the study, Dr. Sophie Hall, of the School of Life Sciences at the University of Lincoln, said: "In light of this, these results suggest that the cat is the pivot of a home with dogs. The princess and the dog are lower in the hierarchy.

"It may be that the menacing acts of the cats are more obvious to the owners, as they whistle or hit a dog with their feet.

"But it is also possible that cats are less domesticated in their behavior." It is important to keep in mind that these findings are the owners 'perceptions of their pets' relationships, but it seems that the cat has to be happy and happy, instead of the dog, to live happily together. "

The study, published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, says cats and dogs can get along better if the cat is smaller when they start sharing a space.