Home Tech The 9 Best TVs We’ve Reviewed, Plus Buying Tips for Regular People

The 9 Best TVs We’ve Reviewed, Plus Buying Tips for Regular People

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The 9 Best TVs We've Reviewed, Plus Buying Tips for Regular People

Saving for a new screen? Even if a giant TV is no longer the third most expensive item some Americans own after their house and car, it’s still an important decision. Whether you’re a videophile or a normie looking for your first foray into Ultra HD, the best TVs available right now are bigger, brighter and cheaper than ever.

To help you navigate the dozens of seemingly identical TV models from Samsung, LG, TCL, Hisense, Sony, and other manufacturers, we’ve watched hundreds of hours of content to select favorites from our recent reviews. We’ve listed everything from the best TVs we’ve tested to the best TVs you can buy on a budget, with some great options in between.

All of these models have at least 4K Ultra HD pixel resolution (one has 8K), because there’s no reason to buy a standard HDTV anymore. TVs now come with wonderful screens, but they are generally terrible at audio and can have mediocre interfaces, so you should consider investing in a good sound bar or a pair of bookshelf speakers and a TV streaming device. If you’re unfamiliar with much of the jargon used by TV manufacturers, you may find our How to Buy a TV guide helpful.

Updated June 2024: We added the Hisense U8N, TCL QM8, Samsung S95D and Samsung QN900C. We also added the Sony Bravia 7 to Honorable Mentions and the Roku Pro Series as an upgrade to the Roku Plus Series.

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