The 6 key Practices for Garage door maintenance in 2021


Suppose you have an early hour office meeting and you are already running low on time, and that’s when you’re faced with a jammed garage door..!

How would you feel? Frustrated and upset, right? Well, it’s definitely a scary situation to get into, and obviously, you don’t want to experience such circumstance ever. 

Keeping the above scenario in mind, no one can ignore the importance of garage door repair and maintenance.  Installing a sturdy and expensive garage door is of no use when you always get stuck in horrible situations like these. 

How to Maintain a Garage door 

Maintaining a garage door is not challenging at all. You just need to take some time off your hectic schedule twice a year and examine the door to detect any problems. Once you have detected them, they can be eliminated easily by following these simple practices.

  • Closely Listen to the Sound

Starting with the most effective practice, listen to the sound of your garage door. Check if it’s functioning normally, or you can hear some underlying noise beneath the usual door sound. 

For this step, you must be able to differentiate between the problematic noise and the regular garage opening sound. A well-kept garage door doesn’t have a scratching sound, and it works smoothly without giving out a screech. 

To fix this noise, you can observe the cables and springs to assure they are in a perfectly balanced position.


  • Screw up the Door hardware

Since the garage door keeps opening and closing 365 days a year, some parts of the door may get loosen up or completely detach. 

This loosening effect of the door hardware often contributes to its ill-functioning. Closely inspect all the garage door fasteners and bolts. 

A good practice for keeping all the mechanical parts together is to screw the loose parts tight with the help of a wrench. 


  • Check the Door Balance 

Sometimes a poorly balanced door can cause severe damage to you as well. Therefore, checking the door balance is a prerequisite for ensuring a well-maintained garage door. You can follow the given method to watch the door balance:

First, detach the door opener with the help of the release handle. Then, lift the door until it reaches a middle position and leave it. If the door keeps standing at that position, then it’s perfectly balanced. But if it starts to fall, the springs are probably dislocated and need some repair. 

Repairing the spring system is a tricky process, so you might need to get help from some professional garage repairing services. 


  • Lubricate the Door

As the garage door is performing a constant mechanical action, it may result in improper operation and scraping noises. The best idea to avoid such consequences is to properly lubricate the mechanical parts of the door. 

You can utilize the traditional sprays for lubricating the springs. But for garage openers and rollers, you may want to use white lithium spray cans to enable a smooth performance. 

Also, rust is the enemy of iron parts, so make sure to rub the door springs with oil thrice a year.


  • Adjust the Tracks

Another great hack to assure your garage door is in a fine working state is to study the tracks. Look at the tracks carefully to know if they are uneven or have any major rusting marks. 

You can also use a claw hammer to align the tracks in a vertical position or adjust their shape. But as the tracks require some prior technical knowledge and you don’t want to mess it up, so it’s better to contact a technician for this part.


  • Call a Professional Garage Repair service

No one can do the repairing job better than a professional repairing service. The best practice among all is to ring a garage door company and get all the checks and maintenance done at a single call. 

Contacting a professional service will not only save you a lot of time and energy but also liberate you from performing a hectic drill daily. 

If you are looking for an affordable garage door repair service, you might want to get in touch with Lion Garage Door Services. We safely inspect your garage door and provide prompt repairing and installing facility at your doorstep.