The $ 3 Aldi chocolate has been voted BEST in Australia by thousands of Aussies


A $ 3 block of chocolate has been voted Australia’s BEST by thousands – do you agree?

  • Australians voted for their favorite chocolates in the Canstar Review 2021
  • The best chocolate block according to voters is Aldi’s $ 3 Choceur block
  • The cheap chocolate block beat Cadbury, Lindt and Darrell Lea for first place

Aldi’s $ 3 Choceur block has been voted the best in the market after customers gave it top scores for taste, value and overall satisfaction.

The cheap block beat Lindt, Cadbury and Darrell Lea to first place in Canstar’s recent poll asking thousands of Australians to rank their favorite chocolate.

The popular chocolate scored five stars in every category except ‘variety’, taking first place in the survey.

Lindt came second in the 2021 Canstar ratings

Australians named the Aldi Choceur their favorite chocolate block in the 2021 Canstar awards, with Lindt chocolate in second place


What is your favorite chocolate block?

  • Nesting 0 votes
  • Coles 0 votes
  • Aldi Choceur 0 votes
  • Cadbury 0 votes
  • Lindt 0 votes
  • Darrell Lea 0 votes
  • Others 0 votes

The categories used for the survey were value for money, overall satisfaction, package design, variety, and taste.

In second place, Lindt, which retails for $ 4.50 for a 100g block, got five stars for flavor and four in the rest of the categories.

Cadbury came in third in the hotly contested competition, with a retail price of $ 5 for a 170g to 190g block, the chocolate giant earned five stars for variety and four stars for every other category.

The 2021 chocolate category was divided into three sections: blocks, bars and boxes.

The winner of the bars category was Turkish Delight, which scored five stars in each category.

Kit Kat came second with Caramilk third in the bars category.

Due to close competition Cadbury came in third place

The Darrell Lea block took fourth place in the competition

Cadbury and Darrell Lea came third and fourth respectively, after thousands of people voted

Snickers and Crunchie came last in the popular category.

Only three chocolate boxes were nominated for the latter category. The Ferrero Rocher box came in as the best with five stars in each category.

Lindt’s chocolate box scraped into second place with favorites on the back in third place.

What are the ratings of Canstar chocolate for 2021?

Chocolate blocks

1 – (Aldi) Choose $ 3 per 200g block

2 – Lindt Excellence $ 4.50 per 100g block

3 – Cadbury $ 5 per 170-190g block

4 – Darrell Lea $ 5 per 180g block

5 – Nest $ 5 per 170-200 g block

6 – Coles $ 2.30 per 200g block

Chocolate bars

1 – Turkish delight

2 – Kit Kat

3 – Caramilk

4 – Twirl

5 – Cherry ripe

6 – Crunchie

7 – Mars

8 – Snickers

Chocolate boxes

1 – Ferrero Rocher

2 – Lindt