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The 15 Best Tech Gadgets on Amazon Under $50

You might not think that $50 would buy you a lot of electronics on Amazon, but you’d be so wrong.

From cat entertainment systems to neon toilet lights to “smart eye masks,” the online marketplace is chock full of weird and wonderful deals you never knew you needed.

Who buys the weirdest stuff here? It’s questionable, but many of these are described as “gifts,” so perhaps the recipients are grateful they didn’t get socks.

Read on for the 14 best high-tech gadgets on Amazon under $50:

Bluetooth ‘Smart’ Eye Mask ($26.99)

Will this really help you sleep? (Amazon)

Who doesn’t want to wear a glowing mask to sleep?

At $26.99, the Zumusen is an absolute steal.

The eye mask pairs with tablets or smartphones via Bluetooth for late-night listening to podcasts or music playlists.

It also has a 3D contoured design to block light.

You can also use white noise and nature sounds to help you fall asleep with eight built-in soothing sounds.

buy it here.

Feed and chat with your pet from anywhere ($41.99)

This KaloKen Wi-Fi enabled cat feeder connects to smartphones so you can set and monitor meal times while you’re away and talking to your cat.

You can record a 20 second “food call” that plays as the food is dispensed.

buy it here.

Bluetooth Garden Torch Speaker ($49.99)

Who doesn’t love garden torches? Who doesn’t love BlueTooth speakers? Who wouldn’t want a device that is a stylish combination of the two?

This Bluetooth torch speaker delivers 10W audio and is IP65 waterproof so you can leave it outside.

The perfect way to tell them it's dinner time (Amazon)

It's a speaker and flashlight, all in one (Amazon)

This KaloKen Wi-Fi enabled cat feeder connects to smartphones so you can monitor your pet’s food. Another device, a garden torch Bluetooth speaker, will blend into your landscape

Too much effort to pick up a laser pointer?  Amazon has your back (Amazon)

The force is strong with these (Amazon)

Too much effort to pick up a laser pointer? Amazon has your back. You can also buy lightsaber chopsticks on the site

It is also a practical flashlight.

It can be hung or planted in the ground through a stake.

buy it here.

Cat Laser Entertainment System ($16.03)

This cute automatic laser toy takes all the effort out of getting your cat to chase a laser pointer.

Switch it on and aim the laser across the room for you, while your pet chases the light dot across the floor – endless fun.

Powered by four AA batteries, it has a 15-minute timer to ensure your cat doesn’t spend all day chasing the deadbolt.

Lightsaber Chopsticks ($11.97)

These chopsticks are powered by chamber batteries and light up with red and blue LEDs, making them ideal for Jedi and Sith lords alike.

You like hamburguers?  Do you like phones?  It is perfect!  (Amazon)

The motor drives a propeller so it can fly for 30 seconds (Amazon)

Hamburger phones are still in vogue, along with handheld planes that have a motor to propel themselves.

The BPA-free plastic sabers are food-safe and light up at the touch of a button.

Buy them here.

Hamburger Phone ($15.87)

We’re not sure what the target market is for this hamburger-shaped landline, but it’s certainly eye-catching.

Features are pretty basic, with a redial button and an in-use LED light.

buy it here.

Motorized Paper Plane ($19.99)

Have you ever looked at a paper airplane and thought, ‘I wish there was an engine for that?’

If so, Amazon has your back.

The PowerUp 2.0 uses an electric motor and propeller to deliver up to 30 seconds of flight time.

buy it here.

Lights that turn on when you clap ($21.99)

Who needs Alexa? The Clapper light system bills itself as the original home automation system: it’s a wall socket that lights up when you clap your hands.

You can clap once for one appliance, twice for another, or set it to turn on when you hear a sound (for example, when you’re not home).

buy it here.

Forget Echo or Google Home speakers, try The Clapper

It has surprisingly decent specs for the money.

The 7-inch Clapper and Pritom tablet are also under $50

Pritom 7-inch tablet ($49.99)

You won’t get an iPad for this kind of money, but the 7-inch Priton Tronpad Android offers a good bang for the buck.

Running Android 11, it offers the Google Play Store for downloading apps and has a battery that will last six hours.

buy it here.

Bathroom Lights ($13.88)

These toilet lights use a motion sensor to add LED light to your nightly bathroom visits, with 16 LED color options.

And what house is not complete without lights in the bathroom?

These are the right wireless Bluetooth headphones under $50

Amazon offers LED toilet bowl lights and Bluetooth headphones, all for less than $50

The creators suggest that you “add some fun and excitement” with a color changing mode.

The motion sensor offers 160 degree sensitivity and they are fully waterproof.

Zingbird Wireless Headphones ($29.99)

There’s a surprisingly large number of sub-$50 headphones on offer here, but don’t expect big name brands.

The Zingbirds offer up to 60 hours of playtime (earbuds last about five hours), with a battery display so you can see how much time is left.

There is wireless charging and charging via USB-C.

Buy them here.

Levitating Photo Frame ($26.99)

What better way to show that you really love someone than to have their photo in your living room, levitating and bathed in LED light?

That’s the promise of this photo frame that uses magnets to levitate a single photo, as well as LED lighting.

buy it here.

Portable Neck Fan ($22.99)

If you feel hot under the neck... (Amazon)

The collar gives you a location for your four-legged friend (Amazon)

If you feel hot under the collar (left) or a collar that allows you to find your furry friend (right)

Do you feel a little hot? Amazon can help with this portable USB-charged neck fan that’s battery-powered for cooling on the go.

Betting sales dropped a bit during the pandemic (Amazon)

Betting sales dropped a bit during the pandemic (Amazon)

There are three wind speeds and it has a 2400 mAh battery that offers up to 8.5 hours of work between charges.

Cat Tracker Collar ($15.99)

It’s one of life’s great mysteries: what do cats really do all day? Now you can answer it by attaching an AirTag to your cat.

With Apple’s AirTag system, you can track your cat’s location via BlueTooth – the collar is designed not to dangle or fall off.

buy it here.

Beer Can Bluetooth Speaker

It may have been an unfortunate name during the pandemic, but this Corona beer speaker lets you listen to music while also promoting the famous drink.

It has Bluetooth plus an auxiliary input cable so you can connect it to non-Bluetooth devices like your PC.

buy it here.