The 13-year-old British girl, feared kidnapped in the Caribbean, has been spotted, investigators say.

The 13-year-old British girl, who was feared kidnapped during a family holiday in the Caribbean after disappearing from a corner shop, has been spotted in a nearby town, investigators say.

  • Delika White Lezama disappeared while visiting her grandmother in Trinidad
  • She was last seen on a back street after going to a corner store on December 17.
  • The search and rescue team claims they received a report that she was seen in a nearby town.

Investigators looking for a 13-year-old British girl who went missing while on holiday with her family in Trinidad more than two weeks ago say they saw her in a nearby town.

Delika White Lezama, 13, from Greenford, London, disappeared while traveling with her mother and brother to Trinidad

Delika White Lezama, 13, from Greenford, London, disappeared while traveling with her mother and brother to Trinidad to visit her grandmother.

The teenager was last seen on a back street after going to a store near her grandmother’s house in the town of Sangre Grande around 4:00 p.m. on December 17.

Her family began a desperate search for her after realizing she hadn’t returned home 10 minutes later, but they couldn’t find any trace of the teen.

Captain Vallence Rambharat, who is leading the search with his Hunters Search and Rescue group to locate the teenager, said they are working with Trinidad and Tobago police to help locate the London youth.

The Hunters Search And Rescue Team (Pictured) Is Searching For Delika In Trinidad And Tobago

The Hunters search and rescue team (pictured) is searching for Delika in Trinidad and Tobago

The Teen'S Mother Said The Family Began A Manic Search When Her Daughter Was Unable To Return Home.

The teen’s mother said the family began a manic search when her daughter was unable to return home.

Since The Teen'S Disappearance, The Family Has Sent Several Messages Addressed To Delika'S Phone That Were Delivered But Not Read.

Since the teen’s disappearance, the family has sent several messages addressed to Delika’s phone that were delivered but not read.

We are in contact with the young woman’s mother, Delia, and she is cooperating with us. There’s been a sighting of her that you’ve told us about. According to reports, someone saw her and told her mother about it,” Rambharat said.

‘Delika had a lot of friends here and the police are also looking at them to talk to them. They are exploring the option of speaking to each and every one of them. Her mother has asked us to explore these two options and we intend to do so to help her.’

Rambharat, whose organization searches for missing people in Trinidad and Tobago, said they work closely with local police to share and collect information.

We are fully investigating this sighting and any other reported sightings. In the meantime, we’ve covered quite a bit of territory by conducting continuous physical searches in the vicinity. We intend to examine everything and investigate everything to help find her safe and return her home to her mother and her family,” Rambharat said.

Since her disappearance, the family has sent several messages to Delika’s phone that have been delivered but appear to have gone unread.

His mother said: “The police told me they have some camera footage of the area he walked through, and they are still waiting for footage of people around the area as well.”

‘The police have searched people’s houses, but we haven’t found them. They have searched the rivers and the bushes to see if she is in the area.

The Teen Was Last Seen On A Back Street After Going To A Corner Store Near Her Grandmother'S House In The City Of Sangre Grande, Pictured, Around 4 P.m. On December 17.

The teen was last seen on a back street after going to a corner store near her grandmother’s house in the city of Sangre Grande, pictured, around 4 p.m. on December 17.

Rambharat, who is working with the police’s anti-kidnapping unit, said there’s no place his team won’t look.

‘There are alligators and poisonous snakes in the forests and bushes and we are not afraid of them. We will look in these areas and everywhere,’ he said.

‘We are working hard to find this young lady.’

A spokesman for the Overseas Commonwealth and Development office said: “We are supporting the family of a British teenager who has been reported missing in Trinidad and Tobago and is in contact with local authorities.”

Trinidad and Tobago Police say investigations are ongoing and everything will be investigated.

“All information given to the police will be duly investigated,” a spokesman said.

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