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The 11th longest video game story of all time


The ever-evolving technological capabilities have continually expanded the possibilities in game development, and over the past two decades in particular, studios have been harnessing these technologies to make their games look better, play smoother, and most importantly… last longer.

Game length has become an important selling point due to consumers’ limited time and money, and unlimited entertainment options. So with the help of a site HowLongtoBeat network sister IGNWe set out to discover the longest video game campaigns of all time.

This list is based on the average time a player takes to play the main campaign (i.e. playing straight through the story without exploring too much or any side content). We decided to highlight the length of the story rather than the overall length as the list of overall length is dominated by boringly long games and endless simulation games. Estimates are based HowLongtoBeat to user-reported game times.

11. My Time at Portia

that My Time at Portia It is a simulation game about a town released in 2019, which includes a campaign of up to 70.5 hoursThat is, half an hour longer Crusader Kings 3.

progress My Time at Portia About the same amount of content is outside of the main campaign, so players can expect to spend around 135 hours with the game.

10.Persona 4

This list is dominated by two series: Monster Hunter And Persona. The first game of the last series on this list is Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 for platform PS2which extends to approx 72.5 hours.

describe Persona 4 Goldennow available on modern platforms, is an “extended” version of P4although according to HLTB, the average termination time is shorter, which extends to 68 hours. However the termination Golden In full, with all its details, it is estimated at 139 hours.

9. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

first games Monster Hunter The four on this list are Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate extended on 75 hours. that Ultimate It is an extended version of the game Monster Hunter 3 exclusive on Wii.

Although the endgame begins after nearly 75 hours, fans of completing games down to the smallest detail can expect to spend 553 hours with the game. MH3U.

8. Pathfinder: Kingmaker

that Pathfinder: Kingmaker Adapted from the popular tabletop RPG, it earned its place on this list because its campaign spans over 77.5 hours.

As for fans of completing the entire game, they can expect to spend 198 hours with this RPG.

7. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate It is another long action RPG game from capcom. Its extended length 77.5 hours equal to the length of a game Pathfinder: Kingmakerbut MH4U It is outperformed by its much longer time to fully complete it, as you need 387 hours to complete it 100% compared to 198 hours to complete pathfinder.

6. Dragon Quest 7: Fragments of the Forgotten Past

considered as Dragon Quest 7 The longest game in the series JRPG from Square Enix spanning 37 years, with a playing period of up to 78 hours. Seventh game released Dragon Quest In the West in 2001, entitled DragonWarrior7 Before the release of the platform remake 3DS 2013 adaptation of its original Japanese title.

Fans of completing 100% games can expect to spend 159 hours with the game JRPG This is amazing.

5. Gran Turismo 4

Extended racing game Gran Turismo 4 for platform PS2 on 78.5 hours With the career mode, that’s 30 hours longer than any other game in the series, according to HLTB. For comparison, it needs the campaign mode GT Café in a game Gran Turismo 7 It takes about 24 hours to complete it. considered as Gran Turismo 4 The only game on this list that comes from a first party studio Sony or Microsoft or Nintendo.

Fans of completing games can expect 100% spend 279 hour with Gran Turismo 4.

4. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Submitted capcom Another longer game is the massive Action RPG Monster Hunter Generations Ultimatewhich extends over 79 hours. The game was first released in Japan Monster HunterXXAnd Ultimate It is an enhanced version of the platform Switch from Monster Hunter Generations for platform 3DS. For comparison, the average time to finish the original game was 54 hours.

Fans of completing games can expect 100% spend 689 hour with Monster Hunter Generations Ultimatewhich is longer than any other game on this list.

3.Persona 3

We finish a story Persona 3 main post 82 hours, and it ranks third on our list of longest-running video game campaigns. But an extended version of the game was released, titled Persona 3 FES A year later, according to HLTBwhich can be completed in less than two hours.

but Persona 3 FES It includes more total content than the main version. Fans of completing 100% games can expect to spend 140 hours with the game JRPG This is amazing.

2. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

as tall as 98 hoursis considered a campaign Monster Hunter Freedom Unite It is the longest among games capcomAnd second on our list. With its release in Japan first with the title Monster Hunter Portable 2nd Gthe Unite It is an extended version of Monster Hunter Freedom 2.

Although the end badge appears after 98 hours, the Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Contains approximately 459 hours of content for fans to complete 100%.

1. Persona 5 Royal

The game with the longest single-player campaign story in the games is The JRPG famous Persona 5 Royal from Atlus. As the average story completion time according to HLTB he 101 hours. that Royallike many of the games on this list, is an extended version of a previously released game.

Looking at the stats for both Persona 5 And Persona 5 Royal, Fans of completing games can expect 100% spend 143-173 hours with the game JRPG This is amazing.

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