That really has priority at a roundabout in Sydney

& # 39; This is how roundabouts should work! & # 39; Drivers are divided after a motorist moans about a van driving out – but the rule is not as clear as you think

  • Dashcam owner shared images in the middle of a roundabout
  • They complained that a white van left in front of them
  • But the driver was wrong, since vehicles have priority on the roundabout

One of Australia's most misunderstood traffic rules re-emerged when a driver approached a near-accident via social media.

Dashcam images showed that they were entering a roundabout to be stopped only by a white van that was ahead of them on the left.

The driver squeaked their horn while they waited a few seconds as the van passed and then drove through the rest of the roundabout.


White vans are a continuing source of anger for drivers, but on this occasion the frustration of the dashcam owner was not shared everywhere.

Colleagues were divided over who was actually wrong, because the rule about who has priority at a roundabout is generally misunderstood.

Some blamed the bus driver for appearing before another driver approaching from the right.

However, others rightly pointed out that the van had priority because it first arrived at the roundabout.

& # 39; See that the van first came to the roundabout – if the cam vehicle hit him – it would be hung up to dry, & # 39; a driver noted.

Others noted that the dashcam driver could not slow down at all and control their environment as they approached the roundabout.

& # 39; If the dashcam driver had pressed the accelerator pedal a little when he entered the roundabout, there would have been no problem. This is how roundabouts should work! & # 39; They wrote.


NSW Transport includes entering a roundabout as one of the 10 most misunderstood traffic rules in a pamphlet on its website.

& # 39; Drivers must drive slower or stop to make way for a vehicle that is already on the roundabout & # 39 ;, it simply says.

After he had received a definitive answer to the rule, another driver had some wise advice for all motorists when handling roundabouts.

& # 39; If everyone starts driving a little slower on roundabouts, it's everyone's turn and traffic continues to flow. & # 39;


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