Thai Buddhist temple runs out of monks after all are dismissed for failing DRUG TESTS

Thai Buddhist temple runs out monks after its holy men were fired for failing DRUG TESTING

  • Four Buddhist monks were fired for failing to pass drug tests
  • After they were defrocked, no monks were left in the temple of Thailand.
  • All the monks of Phetchabun province were positive for methamphetamine

According to local officials, a Buddhist temple has been closed in Thailand after its monks were dismissed following failed drug tests.

After their Monday methamphetamine test, the small temple in central Thailand had to remove its holy men.

Boonlert Thintapthai, a district official, told AFP that drug tests were positive for four monks in Phetchabun province’s Bung Tam Phan district.

Official said that the monks have been taken to a hospital for rehabilitation and drug treatment.

All four monks in Phetchabun province’s Bung Sam Phan region returned positive drug tests (Not shown). File image

According to the official, ‘The temple is empty of monks and the nearby villagers are concerned that they will not be able do any merit-making’.

Merit-making is when worshippers donate food to monks in return for doing a good deed. It is an integral part of Buddhism.

Boonlert announced that additional monks will be sent for the temple to enable the villager to fulfill their religious obligations.

Thailand is a major country of transit for methamphetamine, and this has been a significant problem for the country in recent times.

The Monks Have Since Been Sent To A Health Clinic To Undergo Drug Rehabilitation (Not Pictured. File Image)

Since then, the monks were sent to a clinic for drug rehabilitation. (Not pictured). File image

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), methamphetamine continues flowing in from Myanmar’s troubled Shan state via Laos.

On the street, pills known as yaba can sell for less than 20 baht (around £0.47). It is estimated that millions of yaba pills are imported into Thailand each year.

Recent records have been set by authorities in Southeast Asia for methamphetamine seizures.

Just last year, Thai authorities intercepted a single shipment containing almost £75 million worth of methamphetamine. The drugs were contained within 161 white silicon slabs destined for Taiwan. The drugs total weight was 897kg

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