Texas police search for mysterious woman & # 039; with shackles & # 039; call ring

<pre><pre>Texas police search for mysterious woman & # 039; with shackles & # 039; call ring

Police and residents of Sunrise Ranch, a neighborhood in Houston, are looking for answers after footage of the front door captures a woman, using what appear to be broken restrictions on both wrists, ringing the bell in the early hours in the morning.

The strange video posted on Facebook by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office shows the woman approaching the door and ringing the bell at 3:30 a.m., before disappearing into the night.

Authorities said the woman tried several houses in the area, but residents could not get to the door in time.

"I discovered that she had also gone to all of her neighbors' homes, but nobody could see her," said neighbor Sean Simmonds.

"When they got to the door, she was gone."

While the police searched the neighborhood and watched the surveillance images in search of the woman, the concerned residents said they feared for their safety.

"We still do not know who the girl is, if she's local, if she's from another place, she comes from the neighborhood," she told Chris Geros, a neighbor. Good morning america.

Neighbor Alesha Simmonds agreed that the woman seemed distressed.

"It seems to me that what she is wearing is almost transparent with dark underwear," Simmonds told CNN.

"Some people say that it looks almost like she's pregnant or something, so she does not say it, she seems to be in trouble."