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Texas Playboy Model-Turned-Italian Princess, Who Became Widowed, Gets Forced to Leave $533 Million Roman Villa.


Widowed Texas Playboy model-turned-Italian princess has been lynched from a $533 million Roman villa — with a Caravaggio mural on the ceiling — after her stepchildren secured a court order and accused her of stealing their inheritance

  • A court ordered the deportation of Princess Rita Jeanrette Boncompagne Ludovisy
  • She said she was ‘brutally evicted’ from her home 20 years ago despite the property being ‘lovingly taken care of’
  • The 73-year-old was escorted out of the building by Carabinieri police on Thursday morning

A former Playboy model turned Italian princess has been evicted from her $533 million Roman villa after a bitter inheritance dispute with her stepchildren.

Princess Rita Jeanrette Boncompagne Ludovisi had to put her four dogs in a taxi Thursday after they were evicted from the historic building containing the only known ceiling painted by Caravaggio.

The 73-year-old said she was ‘brutally evicted’ from her home, moaning that she has ‘lovingly taken care of’ the building for the past 20 years with husband Niccolo Boncompagne Ludovisi.

She married the prince in 2009, but after his death in 2018, his children from his first marriage accused her of stealing their inheritance and letting Villa Aurora, located just off the posh Via Veneto, fall into decay.

Princess Rita, her husband’s third wife, has been evicted after a court ruled that she had allowed an exterior wall to collapse on the world’s most expensive property.

Princess Rita Jeanrette Boncompagne Ludovisi, nee Rita Carpenter, married Prince Niccolo Boncompagne Ludovisi in 2009, but his children from his first marriage have accused their stepmother of taking their inheritance

The Texas-born former Playboy model, formerly known as Rita Carpenter, was escorted out of the property by Carabinieri police as locks were changed for locks.

“This is illegal,” she said, posting a video shortly before her eviction. “I think it’s a travesty. This is a brutal and unnecessary end.”

It didn’t have to happen that way I don’t understand. Someone said that because I am a woman and an American

This is so illegal that it is incomprehensible what they are doing. Obviously, it’s all about the money.

Boncompagni Ludovisi is perhaps best known for introducing Pope Gregory XIII to the fame of the Gregorian calendar.

But recently it has attracted more attention due to an inheritance dispute and court-mandated auction of the famous villa in the heart of Rome.

One of her dogs ran away when she left the property, and she told reporters as she left, holding one: “I feel like I’m in a surrealist movie, like Sartre’s No Exit.”

Casino dell’Aurora, also known as Villa Ludovisi, has been in the Ludovisi family since the early 17th century.

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