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Texas: Neighbors asked him to stop shooting in his garden, so he shot them dead and ran away


The police officers who answered the call found four “victims” and others seriously wounded by the gunfire.

Five people, including an eight-year-old boy, all from Honduras, were killed on Friday night in a home near Houston, Texas, authorities said, adding that the suspect, a Mexican, managed to escape.

A statement from the area sheriff’s office posted on Facebook said that after San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office in the southeast of the state was called to “harassment” and shootings, responding officers at the scene located four “victims and others with serious gunshot wounds.” .

The same source added that an eight-year-old boy was declared dead in the hospital, where he transferred three other injured people.

Al-Sharif said in a press briefing broadcast by the local channel KHOU 11, that the house contained ten people, and all the victims were from Honduras.

He added that among the survivors, two children were found alive under the bodies of two women in a room. He indicated that the fugitive suspect was a “Mexican man”.

The suspect was practicing shooting in his yard with an AR-15 that has been used in numerous shootings around the country, when neighbors asked him to stop so a child could sleep, prompting him to point the gun at them, it said. ABC News” about the sheriff and a neighbor.

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