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Texas builds a barrier on the border with Mexico


The state of Texas (USA) is building a barrier on the border with Mexico without the necessary permits, as confirmed by the US section of the International Boundary and Water Commission (CILA), which is in charge of monitoring and applying the Treaties and conventions on limits and waters and to give the necessary licenses to build on the river bank.

Members of the Texas National Guard have been erecting a 6-foot military-style barbed wire fence along the banks of the Rio Grande for the past three months, the El Paso Times reported.

“We are not asking for permission. We are doing the work of the Federal Government to secure the border. The Texas National Guard is taking the lead in upholding American law by establishing more than 60 miles (almost 100 kilometers) of barbed wire barrier along the border,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott said.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has declared at a press conference that this is another of her “political tricks” and not a solution that can work, referring to the high levels of fentanyl use.

Abbott already announced in February that the fentanyl issue was an “emergency”, so the penalties against the traffickers of this drug were upheld and they could be charged with murder.

Jean-Pierre has assured that they are delivering funds in record amounts to combat this crisis, to which 23,000 agents have been assigned and that more than 8,000 traffickers have already been arrested.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, declared a few days ago that the problem of consumption of the drug fentanyl is American, not Mexican, despite the fact that this crisis is linked to immigration because the drug arrives across the border between El Paso and Juarez.

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