Tetris effect remains transcendent on PC

I mentioned Tetris effect my favorite game from last year, and with more than six months in retrospect, I feel pretty good about that call. It is not something that I play every day or even every week, but I think it will be considered a classic, and it is something I always want to have access to.


That is the biggest reason why this week's PC release is so welcome. I know I will be able to play Tetris effect on almost every Windows computer that I will probably own in the future, and it will not be locked for a specific resolution or VR headset. I also don't have to worry about whether the PlayStation 7 supports backward compatibility, etc.

The second biggest reason is that Tetris effect looks great on PC. You can do it at super-high unlocked frame rates and with any resolution that your monitor supports, with higher quality visuals and more graphics options than the PS4 version. This is a game where every swirly psychedelic particle matters.

The PC version of Tetris effect also adds a few options that are welcome for players with certain use cases. You can now play a single phase for up to 600 lines, for example four times as many as before. You are also able to record the speed indefinitely in quick play mode, in case you are a hardcore player who wants to let your reflexes pass durability tests.

Otherwise everything is basically the same. Tetris effect is still Tetris filtered by an intoxicating, genuine mix of hyperchromatic images and complaining electronic music. It is still something that everyone should experience – and now more people can.

Tetris effect for PC now available in the Epic Game Store.

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