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Tesla video gives a new autopilot feature that allows cars to stop automatically at traffic lights

Tesla video hints that a new autopilot feature will allow cars to stop automatically at traffic lights

  • A video shows that the Tesla autopilot function stops at a red traffic light
  • This function would represent a step towards full autonomy
  • It is unclear if and when the feature will be included in future autopilot updates

Tesla owners may soon be able to stop at traffic lights off their list of manual tasks.

In a video posted to Twitter by a podcaster focusing on the Elon Musk-operated electric / self-driving car company, you can see one of the manufacturer’s cars driving through several green lights until it reaches a red one and then slows down to a stop.

“Autopilot stops for red lights!” reads the Tweet, followed by “let’s go!”

This feature marks a step towards full autonomy for the company’s autopilot software, which can currently automate various functions.

Tesla has not yet fully announced the feature, despite the video posted on Friday.

Among them are the ability to change lanes using a feature called ‘lane assist’ and spot traffic cones, as well as speed limits.

Despite progress, however, Tesla’s autopilot has also been scrutinized this year, speculating that the software was responsible for multiple crashes.

A petition filed with the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) alleges that an autopilot failure caused cars to accelerate spontaneously and lead to 110 accidents and 52 injuries, with many drivers claiming the incident occurred when they tried to park in a garage or on a curb.

Others claimed that the sudden acceleration occurred in traffic or when using driver assistance systems.

The NHTSA defines ‘sudden acceleration incidents’ as ‘accidental, unexpected, strong accelerations from a stationary position or a very low initial speed, accompanied by a clear loss of braking effectiveness’.

Teslas like the one pictured may soon stop automatically at traffic lights according to a new video on Twitter

Teslas like the one pictured may soon stop automatically at traffic lights according to a new video on Twitter

Musk has refuted the claims that the systems of the cars were to blame and has continued to strive for fully self-driving cars in the coming years.

While the CEO had previously predicted full autonomy to come this year, Musk’s earlier predictions – including one that saw 2017 as the year – have not come true.