Tesla opens Chinese pre-orders for cheaper Model 3s made in China

Tesla has started taking pre-orders of Model 3 cars produced at the new Gigafactory in Shanghai, China. Bloomberg reports that the cars, available exclusively in China, will have a base price of 328,000 yuan ($ 47,510), 13 percent cheaper than the model imported from the US for a price of 377,000 yuan ($ 54,616). The Model 3s produced in China are the Standard Plus versions of the vehicle with a range of 460 km (286 miles). Tesla says it expects to start delivering from the Shanghai plant in the next six to ten months.


Tesla started making Model 3 deliveries in China back in March. These locally produced cars will allow the company to avoid import duties, which become a growing problem as the Trump government's trade war with China intensifies. The company has also said that a shifting production will make it possible to deliver faster. CEO Elon Musk described the challenge of shipping his & # 39; s worldwide from the company's only Nevada plant as & # 39; the most difficult logistical problem (he & # 39; s) ever seen during the last income visit of the company.

In addition to Chinese ambitions, the company also has announced that it now accepts preorders for the Model 3 in six other markets; Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Irelend and Macau.

Tesla is working hard to increase deliveries after a difficult period for the company that saw deliveries fall from 90,000 to 63,000 in one quarter. As a result, the company discontinued its profitable run to record a loss of $ 702 million. Earlier this month, Musk said the company would have no more money in 10 months if it did not make "hardcore" changes.

Tesla only started the construction of the Shanghai Gigafactory early January, making the delivery schedule of six to ten months aggressive, even for Tesla. Longer-distance versions of the other Model 3 and Tesla vehicles are still imported from the US instead of being produced in China.

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